Sophia Love – Update #2 – 1 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

This is the second of what will be at least one more update in the next few days.  Please check back.

Good Day Sophia and Everyone!

While Olympics are a major problem, there is also a danger on Super Bowl event as well. Illuminati order want to make lives of Humanity harder, they will do anything they can while they still exist and are in a final moments. We have a pressure on these two events, and U.S. government still wants to get to attack Syria. They are trying to find a way around the chemical weapons disarmament.

China was calmed down a little and Africa’s position is a little secured, Ukraine is still a bit hard to calm down.
So Olympics, Super Bowl, Syria and Ukraine are the most problematic locations in the World right now.
When meditating, You can direct Your Love, Light and Spiritual Harmony with Spiritual Friendship toward all that lives to these troubled locations.
We sense that we are in a final moments, we have some time left from few earth’s cycles (days) to months, until all will be done.
If of course something will not drastically take the turn to other direction.. We would have problems in that situation, but if it will happen full exposure of “wizard behind the curtain” will be complete. We have our positions secured, so anywhere they will go will be met with “a merciless trap toward them”.