UKIP Hooray! Euro-skeptic Farage Tops Poll Ahead Of Elections – 1 February 2014

Uploaded 24 January 2014 on RT

(Lucas : as usual in times of social-economic instability extremes are seen as solutions to a fictitious problem: voting in a euro sceptic party is still using and acknowledging the old political system  like  the EU parlement. Right wing/ left-wing, free the Scots, Free us from Europe and other one liner parties will not be doing the job nor ever will do the job. We need to just get saying no to all that makes us debt-slaves, incorporates us in an EU and Europe and NWO Corporate world. We never have voted for that to be ours, nor would I vote on it anyhow. I do not acknowledge EU rule as it is as foreign rules pushed on us. It should become clear that seeking scapegoats or issues to provide some platform to push their own agendas is not making things better. We need to go for solutions for all the best of humanity…. and soon without hierarchy and  without systems having a say over each of us. This can never be done in  some old system, or political economic structure or by people having control over others.  You should see you have given your powers to those that use it for their own profit, power and self-interest or that of their corporate friends and being a mouthpiece for their interests.)

The Independence Party has managed to win over the hearts of the majority of the British public – that’s according to a recent poll. RT’s Tesa Arcilla reports on the sweeping popularity of the former dark horse of the country’s political scene.RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!…Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram
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