Lisa Gawlas – The River, The Ocean And Paradise – 2 February 2014

lisagawlas2I remember as a young teenager living in a group home for girls run by the Catholic Diocese, they would take us snow skiing every week in the Pocono Mountains.  We would have to drive thru a town called Paradise.  There was not a week that I had seen that sign that said “Welcome to Paradise” that something inside of me didn’t stir.  Kind of like a sign post that felt so familiar on the outside and left a deep longing on the inside.

I really feel every one of us is innately born with that knowing, that thing that says Paradise can be Here, if we work towards it.  But somewhere along the way, we decided to work for money and a material security instead.  Mass beliefs and mass creation within those beliefs.

Even as we started to wake up out of one belief system, we seemed to naturally tie ourselves to another belief system, lighter in construct, freer in movement, usually, but a mass belief system none the less.  Good vs bad.  Do vs don’t.  Duality ongoing, guised as something non-dualistic.

Everyone of us is truly born an alchemist in our own rite.  We create and uncreate every moment of every day, rarely with knowing intention from deep within.  Mostly, by spreading the belief systems that are held within as the tapestry of our ongoing lives.

Paradise and the Garden of Eden, where the lambs lay down with the lions.  Did the lions stop being lions or the lambs stop being lambs?  No.  They simply gave to each other fully on all levels of life exchange and relationship.  Simply put, there was no fear, there was only Love and service.  A true partnership of life with life…. ALL LIFE.

2:22 duality and the master builders, the master builders beyond duality, breaking ground in Paradise on earth.  To stay Here, to Live Here, in our emerging Paradise, our greatest task is to release any and all belief systems, that dualistic nature of good vs bad, do vs don’t, and so on.  All the while, keeping Who You Are, intact, without fear and filled with Trust.

But….  Who Are You??  What Are You?

How many of us have asked that very question, often times, over and over and over again.  I remember so vividly when, in the holy waters of my petri dish, ummm bath tub (smile) and that entity I knew then as “the blessed mother” came and gutted me like a fish, removing every sense of self and everything I once believed to be true and all I could feel was empty.  Utterly, completely… empty.  No inner compass to move forward with.  I would cry the question over and over again… WHO AM I?  Her crazy reply over and over again was, be still and be filled with the truth of spirit and when the time is right, you will know.

That “you will know” part really tripped me up for many a year.  In this human suit, we tend to think in black and white.  I am this, I am that… but rarely do we think of ourselves as the winding, flowing river in constant change, in constant movement, in an ongoing flow back to our Source.

To allow yourself to fully and completely LET GO and be free to flow back to Source, Soul, Self.

Think about the river itself for a moment.  As it flows onward, it constantly picks up debris from its banks, changing itself with the intermingling of the debris as it travels onward.  Oftentimes that debris will flow with the river for miles then get hung up on a rock or other debris and no longer continue its flow with the river.

Our lives are very much like that, if we let it be.  Hold on to nothing, experience everything!!

I found a great little webpage about the start and end of a rivers journey (click here for the full read) and I want to share his last paragraph in an explanation of Who We Are:

From the mountains to the delta, a river does not just flow – it changes the surface of the earth. It cuts rocks, moves boulders, and deposits sediments, constantly attempting to carve away all of the mountains in its path. The goal of the river is to create a wide, flat valley where it can flow smoothly towards the ocean.

Fresh water (human potential) changing all that is in its way to merge to the larger body of salt water (spirit) and becomes one with its source.  Forever changed.  The oceans have always been a part of the earth, evaporating back into the vastness of sky and raining back down upon itself in the great adventure of returning with all the wisdom and connections along the way.

So in the grand adventure, we were the ripple spreading outwards and now the ripple is returning back into its source, retracting inward, due center, forever changed and fully embodied.

A new living Paradise emerges from the depths of our inner Source oceans.

In awe and wonder and (((HUGZ)))

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