AmericanKabuki – Morocco Diary #4 – 3 February 2014

American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fMorocco Diary #4 February 3, 2013 by American Kabuki

Time for another Moroccan Diary update! We’ve come through the worst of the winter and seem to be heading into warmer and sunnier days. We still get brief periods of high winds and rain but nothing quite a severe as December. There has been some chemtrails here, which doesn’t often happen in Morocco. Rumor has it the government has paid for weather modification chemtrails to get water to agriculture in the Rif mountains. Heather showed me how to erase them by using my hand like a chalk board eraser…and you know…it really works, even I look like an idiot to the local gardners! 🙂 Its fun to watch them fade within seconds of leaving the jet that laid them down!

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