Lucas – The Madness Of Constant Change – 3 February 2014

By Natrajdr

I see a lot in my own life happening that is about change and the new coming from behind to take over with Lightspeed. It is the beautiful insanity going on. I observe a mix of emotions pass by to make up a kaleidoscope of things happening. Lots of crawly creepers ready to fast take over, the opportunist and hidden agenda ones are hugely active now. It is easy to see through that what is not supported anymore in the new.

Others keep holding the center instead of going into the extreme ridges of the spinning disk of life. Al of this will turn things back to center eventually as all is just an acceleration of that what needs to be filtered out to get back to a point of view that is about all of humanity, not a few. The centre draws in more and more as polarities are flung out faster and faster.

Energetics are in play as streams of constant energies and other influences, like the new moon on Sunday. All that I saw was people going into extremes or not. I saw arrogance and power play, I saw full egos expressed, I saw people hurting from injustice and unfairness and I saw also humble loving serene people expressing unconditional love.

Nothing is normal now as change is running through the time/space continuum story of our in mind formed realities. We forget to just BE as the ones we really are. All is well what ever label you get attached to you or you will attach to another. The beauty is shown in the simple understanding that all is just not necessary anymore.

Whatever will be and what label it has been given, it will be there as it is in total perfection:  not dark nor light but as it is. Living the change is not easy as it is full of these balancing acts of life. It is the juggling act between primal fears and total bliss. In the middle the change is happening.

We will find our center if we leave behind what was or that what should be. We find the new in the now in every moment as it is always there. The new is born from change in perception, seeing all can be in a centered neutral space without attachments and emotions that create imbalance.

We are changing from within to make an energetic emotional change as well as physical change. We will grow into our newly found memories of our inner-power. We are going to make good use of it for the better of all humankind. Being change is living change and all that comes with it.

It means also that things from the past are difficult to integrate in the now as new. Money is such a thing as well as fossil fuels and also thought patterns that things should be a certain way. We will learn to cope with the still popping up differences in a way that will not allow conflicts to be. The new embraces differences as a scope of possibilities that will be brought to light in the neutral center.

Creation is all that is new and sprouts from the madness of constant change. In an ongoing speed of multidimensional quantum fractal copies things form their new, never before seen patterns, their new forms. Things can be and be not at the same moment. It will all be possible to manifest from the field of unity balance.

All will be revealed as the new is manifested all around us. Step by step. The old patterns and beliefs, expressions, emotions and attachments need to go. There is no room anymore for duality issues. Foremost there is no room for  separation and limitations to the being you are, your own powerful creator being.

A new way of sharing and caring will come also to be and we will embrace it without fears as there are no strings attached anymore. The behind the scenes last attempts to rig that what is working knowingly or unknowingly towards unity.

The new expresses the individual power of each human as part of its being. It can not be taken away not given nor granted or licensed. Nothing and nobody stand between your eternal soul’s power and the creator source. This is the new premise lots need to be getting used to as hierarchy and power over ended.

All is moving towards working together solutions in front and behind the scenes and that will bring in more and more unity to eventually get an end solution that expresses to be for all of humankind, earth and the multiverse. Be aware change is still going on and the old is still as a sort of temporary template functioning.

Help each other in this time of significant changes. We all are in it together. We came here to make this happen for all. We are creating the new right now and all will be perfect.

Love and light,


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