RemovingTheShackles – Solar Update: .. A Little Deja Vu? – 3 February 2014

0e358-removing-the-shacklesThe past 48 hours have definitely had a ring of Deja Vu going on in the realms of  our finicky Sun.

After weeks of silence, old spots 1944 & 1946- now renumbered 1967 & 1968- have almost rotated into direct Earth facing view and once again, we’re in the middle of yet another epic light show!

In the past 72 hours approximately, we’ve had 12 M Class flares according to Solarham, and yet Watchers is telling us that there have been 17 M Class flares ALL from spot 1967, between 1am Feb first and 9am Feb second, plus an assortment of C Class flares from both 1967 & 1968.  1967 is currently Beta Gamma Delta, and 1968 is Beta Gamma.

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