Aisha North – A short Update On The Energies – 4 February 2014

AishaNorthAs you have already noticed, the heightened energies that came in with this opening up that was managed through amongst other things, your designated Gathering, will make their mark on you in so many ways. For some, the eerie quiet afterwards may be the most prominent sign of them, while for others, the sensations you feel within your physical body will count even more. For once again, what was brought in through these wide open doors through these last few days is nothing short of magnificent, and even if you will still feel rather flummoxed by this new range of frequencies, by and by they will start to show you all their true colours. And they are nothing short of miraculous, as what was accomplished during all of these get-togethers that were taking place all over your globe in itself is nothing short of miraculous.

Some of you have already reported witnessing something very special going on, and we can indeed confirm that what you were a part of, was something previously not even tried out before. For you were all part of a mass movement, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For not only was your Gathering merely a small part of many, many other similar events taking place during more or less the same time span, in addition, you were all adding your weight to this huge shift that was brought into being by your willingness to open up to these transformational frequencies that was offered you all. And when we talk about a mass movement, that was also what did occur, for as you all know so well by now, mass is simply an illusion, created by that ongoing communication between energy and consciousness, and what you took part in during this operation, was nothing less than a huge, collective shift of consciousness that again resulted in a huge shift of the mass of humanity.

In other words, your consciousness interacted with the incoming energies in such a way, it established a whole new set of frequencies within you all, frequencies that will ensure that this whole planet of yours has taken a gigantic lap towards fully establishing itself in all of its former glory. As usual, we refrain from giving you any details, suffice it to say that if it were not for this monumental event, the whole shift from yesterday to tomorrow would be one that would stretch on into eternity. But now, the shift we have been waiting for has been successfully established, and as such, you will all find signs of an ever increasing shift on many levels in the time ahead.

Again, a sudden shift in frequency, like the enormous one that has just taken place, will take time to truly register, for as we have talked about earlier, you all will in some ways be subjected to the drag-effect as it is called. In other words, anything that is manifested in physical form, such as your body and indeed everything that has a tangible form in and around you, will need time to literally readjust to these new vibrations. So just like a huge ship on the ocean, changing course takes some time even if the wheel is suddenly spun in a very new direction. So know that what you have taken part in was indeed a resounding success, and do take time to celebrate this fact, but know that you will also need some time to truly witness the effects of it, and you will also need more time to truly digest what has happened, both on a physical, mental and indeed energetic plane. For as this shift was such an important one, and indeed drastic one, it will not only take time to truly sink in, it will also need time to truly sink in. For as you are still very much present within a physical body, you and it need to spend some quiet time together to sort out all of these new connections and levels of communication that is a natural follow-up to one of these huge adjustments.

So again we say, take time to just be, and take time to just breathe, and sit with this for however long it takes until you get your sea legs back again. For you may all feel as if more than a little off balance after this. After all, the change you were so instrumental in making come about was not a small affair, neither will the outcome of it be, so make sure that you give yourself enough space to let its run its very new course through the whole of your being. /link to original article

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