Lisa Gawlas – Growing The Divine Masculine… Creators, Start Your Engines!! – 4 February 2014

lisagawlas2There is so much that started to really hit me, in understandings, yesterday that I could barely move from the sheer excitement within me.  I am tip-toeing back into the realm of readings again, until my very raspy, pubescent voice says, done for the day, I did two yesterday… more progress.  But equally and much more importantly, the moment I am done drinking you in, I can feel it, I can feel me… change, become enhanced.

It hit me last evening as I started to feel “regular” again, we are now actively co-creating a very very distinctive chicken soup together.  Somehow, I have decided to become the stock pot in which the ingredients will come together.  So the entirety of January was scouring my pot, removing all aspects of the previous soup we created.  The last connections in January, January 26th to be exact, two women one man, or two lungs and one heart were the final rinse within my body.  And think about it too, if everything within you has been removed, what kind of voice would that produce??  None.

It’s kinda funny, we talk about the dark night of the soul a lot.  But there is also the bright light of the soul too… the new day.  February 1st, with that dancing energy, a new coating was brought up thru my body, thank god it made me dance instead of drop to me knee’s… but, the pot is now ready.  Even that evening of February 1st, I was already getting a connection to that amazing man who would be the first connection in this new pot, new energy system that is US creating.

Before any good soup can be had, the first thing you must put in the pot, is water.  So it makes complete sense (now) that I could see this man suspended against the Mesa about 5 feet above the ground, spinning within a watery vortex.  But not really a vortex as we would think of it, more like a moving cocoon of liquid light made of white, blue and translucent energy.

My new stock pot was already being filled even as I slept for the night.  No wonder I woke up so freakin excited and deeply desiring to connect, even without much voice.  A true magnetic frequency that is alive and in alignment with itself.  My newly virgin vessel and his virgin presence on my field of light, created an atmosphere I have never experienced before, ever, both inside and out.

One of two things really stood with me from our connection, from his light expression.  I could see his biology within this watery vortex-cocoon thingie, but only his feet.  His feet were sticking out at the bottom and slowly dripping down onto the ground this white thick liquid stuff.  He kinda looked like he had oozing boils all along the bottom of his feet dripping into the new earth.  With each drip of his liquid, the earth, forever changed.

As I seen and understood it last evening… the chicken was dropped into the water the moment we connected.  Both forever changed.  But, where did the chicken itself come from?  The co-mingled energies of he and me created it.

The moment two people come together, on purpose, to share openly each others field of pure soul energy, changes everything.  Whatever it once was prior to that moment, will never be again.  That is true evolution.

For five hours after we disconnected from each other, my whole body went into… change.  Expansion maybe, but so much more than that.  My whole field felt like a jiffy pop container, each breath expanding me more with understandings.

jiffy pop

The field of light in which we connect upon is truly the stove of our new creation.  Fire.  Volcanic rock and ash from deep within our mother.  The Mesa in which we seem to be emerging from within the readings does have a name here “Our Lady of Guadalupe.”  The Divine Feminine, the holy mother.  Water itself is the bringer of all life.

But lets not forget that other precious thing called the Divine masculine.  The protrusion of the Mesa itself, the Divine Masculine emanating from the womb of creation herself.

While he and I was talking about his water self and the images of what he is bringing forward into our land of Eden, images of brilliant color spectrum on his right, left and behind him, suddenly the craziest thing happened.  My vision suddenly caught sight of what I know to be his very near future self, in the center of his field (that place that is just outside my back door) and was holding up a hot-dog.  A freakin hot-dog!!!  What the hell is that!!!


The first thing that struck me was how small the hot dog was compared to the bun.  It was equally plain, nothing but a hot dog in an over-sized bun.  Weird!!!  How the hell do you interpret a hot dog being given to you by your near future Self??  And do it without laughing my ass off?

Well… the bun represents the divine feminine, the vagina if you will.  The under-sized hot dog, the divine masculine swimming in the over sized bun of the feminine.  And please, this has nothing to do with penis size at all!!  Just making that perfectly clear! (smile)  But it does have everything to do with our emphasis on the divine feminine while the equally important divine masculine just kind goes by the wayside, a plain dog waiting some toppings to create with.

This part of it all came crashing down into my awareness yesterday… There is such an over emphasis on the divine feminine, on women and has been for as long as I can remember walking this path.

We can have as much emotional power that we can conjure within ourselves, but without the divine masculine, the seeds of creation itself, it will remain a dream.

We need bigger hot-dogs!!  lol  Ones that not only match the size of the bun, but got some spice and stuff on it too.

big dog

Once we got clear that the hotdog and bun really represented the divine masculine and feminine, man oh man, we had to talk about that pesky subject of… hehe, shambha-lini AKA Master-Bate.  Bate.  To catch something.  I think of fishing, kinda.  Put your stuff on the hook, throw it into the depths of the water, pull back something from the abyss.

Master Baters!!  lol.  Creators.  When in the act of true and pure creation it becomes master-bation.  Lets use the -tion as expressing action.

Then he asked about women.  To keep it short, all that got him to here is not what is out there in the pool of our new reality.  Unless he wants to keep recreating his old story.  But what I find even more interesting and very telling is it wasn’t until he started talking about what he is doing now, something with 3D printers and stuff, did she appear in his near future.  His divine counterpart.  A pure match in frequency and abilities that is not of this earth plane.  Meaning, she is not living in a human suit as we speak.

She showed up about 5 feet behind is hot dog giving self and was coming into his landscape from above.  A vibrant Being from another realm of existence.  A universe beyond ours.  Seraphin.

It wasn’t until I got out of our connection and had to hop into the bath just to try and be in my quickly expanding body did it hit me.  The way the images lined up in his reading.  He and I talked about the ripple effect, spreading outwards.  But now, in this holy landscape of Eden unfolding, everything has reversed itself.  We are now pulling back into ourselves.  With it, creating from deep within our hearts.

Two very vital energies that must be used together… two lungs (the hot dog buns) and the heart itself (the hot dog.)

Passion and voice and desire.  Love and Self Awareness.

Even as I started this sharing this morning, I became vividly aware of something that happened in 2012, when Jorge showed up in the center of the back yard, the center of my heart and he started shaking the shit out of me yelling over and over again “aware is not awake.”

I cannot help but think of lucid dreaming.  When you wake up within the dream and know you are dreaming and know there is nothing in the dream you cannot instantly change to your desire.  Very much like my Jorge, I am aware of him and have been for what, close to two years now.  But until now, have not been awake enough to pull him, flesh and bones into my reality, my living dream we call Life.

If we are indeed the master creators and the mastor-bators, then we are the ones that must pull this all together within ourselves.  Reversing the ripple effect.  Drawing into ourselves our greatest dreams come true.

Shambha-lini is the relish, the mustard and onions that will give life to the life we dream of.

My two beautiful ladies yesterday added to the whole of our brewing chicken soup.  I again went into deep change, expanding and contracting all at the same time.  But that is tomorrows grand adventure in sharing.

Today is February 4th.  13 years to the date since I committed suicide and came more fully into life.  My voice is much more audible today.  I woke up to snow outside, after a week of close to 60 degree weather.  It seems so fitting.  I took a picture:


Snow is waters most solid form of expression and even that is only here for a moment.

Thank you for being the stock of our extraordinary soul of chicken soup made manifest.  I love you more than my words will ever reveal.

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the relish of life to ALL!

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