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TheIndependent – US Probe Into London Bankers’ Libyan Deals – 4 February 2014

The Independent

By Jim Armitage

The London-based bankers who allegedly cajoled Gadaffi-era Libyan officials into giving them billions of dollars to invest are now being investigated by the US criminal authorities.

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TheAustralian – SPC Ardmona Rejects Allowance Claims, As Sharman Stone Accuses PM Of lying – 4 February 2014


Ben Packham –  The Australian  – February 04, 2014 3:30PM
SPC Ardmona has hit back at claims its enterprise agreement is overly generous, as Liberal MP Sharman Stone accused Tony Abbott of “lying” about the company’s plight to shift the focus on to unions.

TheAustralian – ABC Admits Torture Reports Error – 4 February 2014

The Australian

NICK LEYS  –  The Australian  – February 04, 2014 6:20PM

THE ABC has admitted that the wording of the broadcaster’s initial reports about claims made by asylum-seekers against Australian Navy personnel “needed to be more precise” and has apologised to anyone who thought it supported the claims as a result. But ABC managing director Mark Scott and director of news Kate Torney have stopped short of fully apologising for the reports or retracting them in a statement yesterday.

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DealBook – British Regulator Warns Two Of Potential Libor Charges – 4 February 2014



The Wells notice appears to be going global.

The Financial Conduct Authority, one of Britain’s financial regulators, made public on Monday warnings to two individuals that it planned to charge them for misconduct related to the rigging of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor.

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DealBook – Tax Expert Sees Abuse in a Stream of Private Equity Fees – 4 February 2014



The tax practices of private equity firms have come under scrutiny from the authorities on several fronts. But there is an additional tax strategy that should merit a skeptical look, an academic argues in a new article.

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Steve Lendman – WMD Deception: Pretext For War On Syria? WMD Deception: Pretext For War On Syria? – 4 February 2014

StevelendmanHere we go again. A new London Sunday Times report claims Assad is hoarding WMDs. More on it below.
We’ve seen it all before. It surfaced earlier against Syria. Obama repeatedly warned Assad against using chemical weapons.
He never did. He never would. Doing so would be suicide. His Foreign Ministry spokesman Johad Makdissi repeated earlier what various Syrian officials stressed, saying:
“No chemical or biological weapons will ever be used, and I repeat, will never be used…no matter what” happens inside Syria. Continue reading

Language Of Light By Anrita Melchizedek – 4 February 2014

Hi precious hearts, I have co-created a beautiful Light Language transmission and I invite you to close your eyes and simply experience the energies ~ blessings and much Love ~

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RemovingTheShackles – ABC Australia Exposes Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drug Scam And Pharmaceutical Criminal Activity – 4 February 2014

0e358-removing-the-shacklesWhile the corruption of Big Pharma and the medical machine is no new news for most of us, this is a vitally important piece of information coming from a main stream media outlet.

If you have friends or family that have been battling “high cholesterol” who won’t listen to you as you try to warn them about the danger of Statin drugs, this might be the first piece of media driven information that might help get them to ask questions and to research and to listen.


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ZeroHedge – Japanese Stocks In Freefall – TOPIX Plunges Almost 5% To 4-Month Lows; Nikkei Down 15% In 2014 – 4 February 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 02/03/2014 23:46 -0500

UPDATE: USDJPY has re-tumbled back below 101.00, recoupling with S&P 500 futures from the tried-and-failed attempt to ramp stocks overnight. It seems the short-JPY-driven carry traders have backed away from risk for now, no matter how much the BoJ primes the pump.

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IrishExaminer – Irish Firms Claim State Corruption Stops Them Getting Contracts – 4 February 2014

Irish Examiner

One in four businesses in Ireland believe corruption among state bodies prevented them winning contracts for goods and services.

By Ann Cahill

The finding is included in a detailed report into corruption in Ireland, and the other EU member states, which puts the cost to the union at €120bn a year.

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