Lisa Gawlas – The Birth Of The New MUST Allow For The Death Of The Old – 5 February 2014

lisagawlas2Before I talk about our ongoing Light evolution within each other, I am going to back up just a moment to finish a story I started as January made way to February, surrounding the landscape itself.

You ever look out into your yard, your (seemingly) stationary world and start to see things that just were never there before.  As I was doing my dishes something in the back yard caught my attention.  A long stock of something or another.  I stopped doing my dishes and went outside to inspect this thing that just was not there before.  It really is funny to witness how the mind itself is so programmed to perceive.  It does go back to what it once knew and fills in any blanks by what it thinks it knows.

This past summer, thanx to a wonderful monsoon season, the cracked corn seed I had put out for the birds started growing.  It was great to see the desert back yard spring into a growth all its own:

green corn

None of it grew much larger than in this picture.  Once I came back from my extended journey with my dad, winter and high winds plowed all the stocks down to the ground.  Even the day I realized that my crystals that were once everyone in the back yard were gone, replaced by bird poop, I equally noticed the tiny corn stocks, a lot of them were just swept away by winds.  There was none standing up right.  In that metal bucket pictured, I particularly inspected when looking for my crystals because I have a lot of crystal chunks in that bucket.  The crystals were still there, but there were no standing stocks at all.  And I surely would have noticed a stock with a huge plume of seeds, had it been there as I was looking for the crystals.

So to say this knocked my socks off, is an understatement:

seed stock

And then I seen another one:

new growth

And then one more:

the baby

As I am looking at these plants, realizing they are not corn husks (which was my first thought) but seeds, and my mind is so trying to rationalize the sudden appearance of these three plants (just like it did with that red daisy down by the river) the landscape shared a story with me.

The fact that there are three of these plants is on purpose.  The trinity come to life.  Two parents and a baby.  Masculine, feminine, new life from the two.  All in a row on the left (physical life side) of the back yard.

Our minds are kind of a funny thing tho, the deep seeded need to rationalize is amazing really.  And yet, this is the very thing we need to strive to release from ourselves.  Otherwise, we will distort the very thing we have available to us now.  Creators co-creating Eden.

If I am not mistaken, the very day I had seen these stocks in the back yard, I went down to the river to contemplate the bigger understanding of it all.  That is when Archangel Michael and Sananda showed up at the river, on my left side.  In all my years of connection with both entities, never did they show up in the same place at the same time and never outside of my purposeful meditations/invocations.  And to be clear, they had no bodies, they were both energy forms, but energy signatures I know very well.  It was on that day they both helped me understand my death and rebirth.

On February 1st, when the dancing energy moving thru me went down to the river again, I was stunned to see what was in the river:


A large dead fish!!  What the hell?  And Sananda’s energy became so present.  Jesus and fishes… alrighty then!  But a dead one?  Not to mention this fish is pointing upstream, the flow of the river downstream pretty strong and yet, it clings to where it is.  Not caught on anything, at least that I could see.

See just behind the fish, on the river bank, that red dirt?  Those mounds are everywhere, and multiplying, but only around the river, not in my immediate back yard at all.

The guardians had said that those mounds were the new earth bubbling up from deep within Gaia.  Of course, our minds (my mind) need to give it rational, so I decided they were mole hills.  Yet, I have not seen a single mole at all.

So to encapsulate this understanding, the birth of the new must allow for the death of the old.  For as long as we hold on to the old, the new becomes impotent.

Awareness all got us to Here.  We are aware of our changing reality, our expanded sense of Self, even our spiritual existence beyond the human form.   And now, we must fully awaken to embody that.  To live fully, and irrationally, as the Master Co-Creators We Are.  True Lucid Dreamers in the material Universe of non-reality.

Now, lets talk about how important this month of February really is to our evolution of Self.  The color spectrum I see as February started to change early January from maroon infusing light blue into itself to a very textured orange.  Orange.  Sacral chakra energy.  The place where life emerges from.  Sexual energy.

As we were sharing on facebook yesterday, something hit me square between the eyes!  Reversal on all levels.  Our sun just went thru a magnetic reversal.  Our ripple effect went from an expanded wave to an inward concentrating wave.  So much our creator abilities.

Two pictures shared really made this point:

ground light

I shared this picture of the Mesa yesterday because of where it was illuminated.  Ground level.  In the two years I have looked at that Mesa, the sun always illuminated the top, but not yesterday.  Given the living universe I knew it was saying… we have reached the illumination of ground level.  Finally!!  A precious soul also noticed the tree in the foreground.  The feminine energy oozing from it.  I have always seen that as looking very much like a vagina and agreed.  Then remembered the rock formation that lives on the other side of the Mesa.

masculine and feminine

When I first seen it, all I could think is, there is a vagina in the rock!!  lol  In both pictures, the masculine… creation itself, is holding, or wrapped around the feminine.

Wait a minute, I am so on a roll here!!  (smile)  Remember my crystal that went into spontaneous explosion while in my bath, when I was at my dad’s back in June??

the opening

And I might mention this is also the crystal I put into the earth then brought back February 1st which is going to (eventually) be infused with the Shambha-lini energy thru my heart.

LIFE must come thru the Divine Masculine.  The divine feminine is the primer.

This can so easily segue into my first connection yesterday.  OMG it so does.  Another lovely virgin upon our field.  The moment I cranked out my antenna to the deep west to connect with her… there was this… hmmmm… flash/explosion.  Like something you would see if there was a film and something broke thru it.  To my eyes it was shades/shards of clear and white commingled into release that was heading towards what I will call center field.

I couldn’t get anything other than that to reveal itself, until I stopped looking at the deep west and just started to talk to her.  Then, right there in my kitchen, who shows up but a still cartoon image of batman and robin.

Link to picture

Altho this is not a great picture, it is the best I can find for this sharing.  See the energy behind them… like they just broke thru to something.  In her reading, robin is fully dressed in green (heart energy, boy wonder) and batman was dressed in black (the deep unknown.)  Both were in a stance of one fist pointing upwards, like they just broke the glass ceiling, both suspended above ground and just to the left of my field of vision.

I just barely recovered from visions of hotdogs, now I have two of my favorite super hero’s presenting their energy in my kitchen for my lovely lady.  What the hell??  At least they weren’t riding a cow (holy cow batman….smile.)  The fact that they are presenting in my kitchen has everything to do with biological energy.  Creation.

What I didn’t realize about batman until I just looked him up right now is (from wikipedia):   Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will, fear, and intimidation in his continuous war on crime.  (Lets just change war on crime into illuminating the darkness.)

Just like batman, we are fully equipped with all that we need.  When we harness all of our skills and wisdom, we really are super-powered.  And just like batman having an apprentice, Robin the Boy Wonder, we are that too.  We are our own apprentice (the biology expressing the soul.)

Again, cannot help but feel how important the masculine energy is right now.

There is so much more rising up to my surface, but I have been typing and processing now for 5 hours now.  I gotta get out of the deep end of this amazing pool so I can be ready for readings today.

I do want to end this sharing with an email I recieved this morning from someone I read for yesterday.  It is soooo incredibly synchronistic with this sharing, I just changed subject about lucid dreaming and then I receive this:

We were talking about where this all is headed: I think here is a puzzle piece (Of which I haven’t looked at much):

Today’s Pick-a-Woo woo is about the Fourth Dimension. Numerous comments in the run up to December 21 2012 reported that Mankind would start experiencing an increasing attunement to the Fourth Dimension. It is starting to happen, but not in the way you might think.

Your attunement to the fourth dimension is mainly during sleep. When you are lucid dreaming, you are consciously in the Fourth Dimension. Many of you will have started experiencing a considerable increase in lucid dreams after Dec 21/12.

It has happened again. After the inductions from the recent Super Nova in Galaxy M82 which hit on January 21, 2014 the tendency for lucid dreaming jumped substantially as part and parcel of the constant expansion of consciousness to happen for the next two thousand years through the Age of Aquarius. Some of you now spend most of the night in lucid dreams, some seeming to last for hours and hours.

Expect eventually to have lucid dream like experiences while wide awake. Not as hallucinations, as legitimate fourth dimensional consciousness experiences.

(I did not include the links he shared simply because I have not explored them myself.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!!)

I love you all so much.  Thank you for Living the Dream with me, thru me, thru each other!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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