Lucas – The Cookie Jar And The Glass – 5 February 2014

By Polymath38

A lot is happening and a lot of us feel the cookie jar is empty. Some of us still have cookies in the jar or there are those that steal to their liking cookies from other jars.

Still a lot of you have their cookies taken from their own jar of the inner-abundance or better said they give it away to those with jars of promises, beliefs and carrot on a stick stories.

The cookie jar of those misusing and abusing still in all sorts of ways their creational power for gain of more cookies in their already filled to the brink jars will fail. It is now not longer working to do take to your liking the cookies that others have and need in their own jars.

Almost everywhere cookie monsters are popping up that go into feeding frenzies and somewhere else there is found some free and well intended bakers that try to get enough cookies backed to fill up the jars of the ones in most need and in service to all. The balance is slowly moving into the middle where people see  there is enough in everybody’s  jar to create and be the abundance.

All still comes down to  perception. A nice glass of milk with my cookies would be great but in thinking about it I see that most think it is half empty, or totally empty or for some even non-existent.  The story of the glass is about perceiving in a way that glass is always full when source is asked to provide that.

Key to always have abundance is to work together in providing to those that are not yet perceiving the coming change.  It is up to us to help each other on this personal process of individual strength and inner-empowerment. We need to help shift the perceptions and directions in this world from lack to abundance for all upon this planet and beyond.

All sorts of small project can use funding. Starting small and transparent makes corruption and being corrupted in funding or otherwise less viable. We can make differences in filling the cookie jars and glasses of milk for those that do and do things in service to all. There is no contribution to make anymore to something/ As you are not bound in any way to something.

What you do is doing from your heart.  It should not be related anymore to money, value in some sort of way or as an exchange.  We all need to see we need that language corruption no more. You do for all the best and good of all. And that in the way you express the best your talent(s), your knowledge, your skills, in attribution to anything new.

It does not take a lot to make a difference and all of you can start making a difference by supporting others or by making yourself a  change happen. We need no cookie monsters and cookie trickery and illusionary cookies and jars.  We are having to use each our  own individual cookie jars.  No cookie monster or trick can take it away as it is indissoluble from you.

No one can take anything from your cookie jar unless you allow it to happen.  You are in power and you need to be standing to that inner-strenght that says no to whatever belief, dogma, etc , is pulled in front of your eyes. Stop falling into the cookie trap of others and stop being a victim or a slave to the cookie hunters.

If all those cookie jars could find back in the middle and share and present all that what IS that would be great. The beautiful individual different cookies are coming to terms with the fact they all once were backed and made from a similar dough. It was made to make you all a bit different for the experience sake.

We now learn to deal being unique without conflict in that middle space. We learn how to be different cookie jars in a new cookie jar. We are all together gonna manifest new cookies from a never before existing dough. We bake them well and we will see all is meant to be the best experience ever as that will lead to abundance for all in equality.

Let us drink and eat our cookies from our jars or those that well intended were given in appreciation and know we all are just One from start to finish… only in between a lot do mistake being individually different as being separate from others. Some think to be needing groups to make an enclosure around the being different cookie theme. It is jus a label put on the fictional jar.

As individual beings all you need is being you. We can work together without becoming the other or that what he or she or it represents or wants you to be  in a group. So get backing. And that makes me hungry for a never-ending supply of cookies.. and an always full glass. Wouldn’t that be nice. Yes, and we can make it happen.

Love and light,


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