AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Paying It Forward… A Free Session From Anonymously Yours – 7 February 2014

eileenmeyerIf you have a need and desire to receive insight and assistance from the Gold Light Beings who have contacted me over my lifetime, and now work with me to assist others in integrating and living their wholeness now, an anonymous donor is gifting you with a session from me. Send me a note if you have a feeling-heart response to receive this gift, and of course, if you do not already have the funds to request this on your own. Many people have benefitted greatly from this extraordinarily loving presence that I have adapted to and KNOW. This team-work is intended to assist in healing and adapting to the higher frequencies of Love that are currently pouring into our bodies and our world at this time. Balance, heal, restore, remember, and be on with what YOU came here to BE and DO. It need not take a long time. It could happen right NOW. Much gratitude for the beneficent inspiration of this anonymous donor. ~ EM

A short note from the donor:

“I benefited so much from a private session with Eileen that it gave me this vision to pour energy into a pay-it-forward offering to anyone that has hesitations for doing so (for any reason!), because I believe in this tool for connecting to divine-loving-creative spirit, as it manifests in Eileen, so much! Please take this for no other motive than the desire for humanity to learn and benefit from ALL the tools as provided by prime source spirit to reconnect ourselves to where we originate from!

I do desire to hear the story of how it benefited you, no personal details are needed and you can remain anonymous, but a post on this blog of how it helped you is first choice. On the other hand, if you need to keep all information private you may do so by forwarding a note through Eileen.

Thanks in advance for participating in taking a valuable step, yourself, in connecting to loving spirit!”

Signed: Anonymous

If there are others who feel the inspiration to “pay it forward” for another person in crisis or simply a pep talk from the Universal Heart, please hit the donate button to the right, or visit my site and send a note indicating your intention. Much Love and Gratitude… EM link to original article


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