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Wes Annac – Unity And Awareness – 7 February 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

As consciousness continues to rise, humanity is being drawn together like never before.

We’re starting to understand our interconnected nature and the fact that we’re meant to run this planet together in the name of harmony and progress, and even though the number of people who’ve tapped into this truth is small right now, it’s poised to grow and grow. Continue reading


UK Column Live – 7 February 2014

Uploaded on 7 February 2014 by ukcolumn

Lisa Gawlas – Breakthrough! – 7 February 2014

lisagawlas2There is so much that is so very different, exciting, enhanced, interactively alive within these times we are now planted within.  I have really noticed for myself, that as rough as January has been within my biology, my antenna’s never went off-line.  That is new.  I have gone in and out of the void more times than I can count over the last 14 years, meaning zero connectivity while upgrading.  But not now.  But with that difference, the field itself has become interactive like never before.

Reading up until this year, it has been an energy exchange of me and you and our team, the field itself was there more as a background to understand the unfolding energy/visuals of you. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – My Own Take On This Mercury Retrograde, Beginning February 6, 2014 – 7 February 2014

laura-of-the-rocksSeveral people have asked me for a gloss on Ann’s and others’ articles about this potent Mercury Retrograde period, which began on February 6, 2014 at 4:44 p.m. East Coast time and officially runs through February 27th, not counting the Shadow Periods on either end. I encourage people to read or reread my earlier general tips for surviving and even thriving in Mercury Retrograde, but due to the requests for more clarity and guidance about this particular one, I will share some additional observations here. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Bernanke At Brookings – 7 February 2014

StevelendmanOn January 31, he stepped down as Fed chairman. Janet Yellen replaced him. He’s entering a new world of million-dollar book deals. He’ll make $100,000 a pop speeches.
Expect appointments to corporate boards. CEOs value his rainmaking services.
On February 3, Brookings headlined “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to Join Economic Studies at Brookings.” Continue reading

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 820 – Ryan Dawson On Separation Of Business And State – 7 February 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Ryan Dawson of The Anti-Neocon Report (YouTube: Rys2Sense) joins us to discuss his new ebook, The Separation of Business and State. We discuss how the false left/right dichotomy and ideological blinders stop people from uniting against the bankster-run corporatist fascist state. We talk about examples of this problem and how we can counteract this divide and conquer tactic.

http://www.corbettreport.com/ link to original article

James Corbett – Interview 819 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 7 February 2014

Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Continue reading