Laura Bruno – Free Energy And Healing From Ancient Pyramids – 8 February 2014

laura-of-the-rocksThis video and its information probably won’t surprise people with memories and/or dreams from the times of Atlantis, but I celebrate the discovery of proof in Bosnia! As an aside, I have long sensed the energy beam capacity/function of ancient pyramids and always intuitively felt that is the cause of all the weird events in the Bermuda Triangle — that a sunken and malfunctioning(?) pyramid continues to disrupt electromagnetic and other elements of planes and ships. I also clearly remember the tunnels and rejuvenation chambers Dr. Sam Osmanagich describes.

The beginning of the video’s sound quality wavers a bit, but if you stick with it, you’ll hear some fascinating material. I love that — despite enormous government and scholarly efforts to stop this research — Dr. Osmanagich created a foundation in order to open it up to “regular” volunteers from all over the world, ranging in age from 8-83. Visitors, volunteers and scientists have found “underground regeneration chambers” in tunnels with four times higher concentration of negative ions and no cosmic radiation. Scientists from all over the world have verified the energy beaming from the pyramid as an evident power source. Free healing and pure energy — at least 25,000 years ago.

These monuments suggest devolution, rather than evolution. The older the pyramids, the bigger and more advanced. Dr. Osmanagich recognizes and emphasizes the importance of humanity reawakening spirituality in order to reattain such levels of technology and physical capacity. I love that he talks about Runes, as well, suggesting Runes come from way more than 3,000 years ago and possibly off-world or even in-world. Yet another confirmation!

(Lucas added info:  Uploaded 26 February 2013 by Steve Rother)

From YouTube:

“7 elements of his discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia
Blockages put up by his own government
Made the project public and accepted volunteers
Found proof of energy field shooting straight up from the pyramid top. Signal gets stronger the further up you go.
Source of the energy is found 1 ½ miles below the pyramid. Pyramid makes it stronger, magnifies it.
Chambers beneath pyramid appear to be rejuvenation chambers
Evolving or devolving?”

You can find more from Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich at his website.

– Ph.D. in Sociology of History: The Mayan Civilization, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia (Abstract)
– Master of Sciences in International Economics, University of Sarajevo
– B.S. in Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo
– B.S. in Economics, University of Sarajevo
– 2 years training in Sociology, University of Sarajevo

Osmanagich has authored ten books about ancient civilizations (The Mayan World, Peruvian, Mexican, Pacific, African and ancient European civilizations) that have been published in the United States, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. (Books) link to original article


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