John Ward – South-West Flooding: Noah Farage Races To The Scene – 9 February 2014

arkfaragefinal‘Nigel Farage has called for a public inquiry into why the government response to the flooding has been so slow’ (UKip Tweet)

Oh FFS. If you were ever in doubt about the obvious fact that Garage is just another point-scoring pol, then tuning into his own tweets today would set you back upon the paths of righteousness:

“I’ll come back from Somerset knowing more than I did about the situation, not just for some photo opportunity”.

And as if to prove this fine man’s point, UKip has been tweeting a photo-opportunity of him standing in Somerset water ever since:


Words like left hand, right hand, arse, elbow, cynical and opportunist spring to mind.

What most depresses me about the rise of UKip is not that people are finally deciding they’ve had enough of Westminster lies, Whitehall incompetence, and Brussels fascism: I say “Good for them”. What I find awful is that they really believe this twerp is the best we can do….or indeed, that he should be put forward as such.

The evidence suggests (too strongly for my liking) that Nigel Farage wants the following:

1. David Cameron toppled as Tory leader. This is the one thing we have in common.

2. A deal with the Tories following the 2015 election, as part of which he gets a Cabinet seat.

3. The triumph of the Rabid Right within the Conservative Party.

4. The establishment of a Business-friendly Britain – otherwise known as one in which the rest of the world can go to Hell and those working on behalf of capital must mind their manners.

I often hear apologists for Nige saying “Well at least he had a proper career, unlike the rest of the wankers”. Mr Farage was a City type who revelled in the Big Bang that created far too many people like him. Can someone – anyone – please tell me what Nigel Farrago’s strategy would be for maximising British exports beyond barmpot financial products? /link to original article

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