Brett Sutherland’s Tiny House Tour : Total Off-Grid Living: And Here Is How He Built It –

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Brett Sutherland has just spent the past few months Building out his dream in New Zealand :

In a recent interview with ‘Living Big In A Tiny House’ ,

Brett exchanged his news and views on how it all came about:

This truly is a Tiny House with a Massive Imagination.

Where A Micro home meets A Macro mind:

Here is how he built it :

Well You have to start somewhere right?


Totally new fabricated Steel section trailer :


With Double Wheel suspension :


Wooden Panel Ular walling system With trad roof over.

With Temporary works strutting:


The Ring Beam Is within the Mezzanine seen here :

Hurricane strappings to main structure:


Insulated ribbings & Felted linings: Panels over:

OOPS where’s the windows?


Ahh There they are:

And A lick of paint and some solar work :

It was ready for the fit out :


The fit out has been so well covered in the video by Living Big in a Tiny house :

That this article refers you to their site:

Here is Bretts Bedroom : Before :


And After :


For a full view of the most spectacular wide angle lense shots please go to :

Facebook here:


Click on logo:


To Contact Brett Direct :

Go to Brett’s Facebook Page by clicking on this logo below:


Please make a comment in the Cover  Pic Article balloon which will lead you to the comments section on this site:

Thank you for your Imagination and Dreams Brett :

They are now a confirmed a reality:

Love and Light Dave


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