Lisa Gawlas – The Song Of The Universe Comes Thru You..And Creates – 10 February 2014

lisagawlas2Well, Here We Are.  Everything we need, now in place for our exciting co-creation with Life itself.  What really surprises me is the thing that amplifies and facilitates creation itself.  Our own personal magnetosphere.

This personal magnetosphere is around what I would call everyone inner and outer life field, their full on creation.  Interestingly enough, it is not round or spherical, instead, it is oblong, stretching from West to East, but very concentrated (in visual and in energy) north and south.  In my field of readings, mostly north and south represent past (south) and future (north) where the west now represents unlimited energy potential and east, so far, still represents new beginnings/new life.  This really lends importance in living in the NOW.  Without emotional drag from yesterday or expectation from tomorrow, to be purely present, Here and Now.

In the four connections I had yesterday, two were in intense living color, two were in shades of gray.  Well, my last one of the day, an extraordinary soul in Australia, was both. Like my multidimensional man from the Netherlands the day prior, she left me with a fuller understanding of all that is happening at this moment, so I am going to start with her sharing.

The first thing I had seen was her gray-scale magnetosphere with a wispy energy on top of it looking like it was rolling up some sort of carpet up there.  I did understand it was the energy of her soul doing this… but it wasn’t until my later processing of the entire day did I fully understand what was being shown to us.

In getting to Here, our soul has been very present in our interactions, our own way forward, but now, as everything shifted into the vessel of biology (us) the soul light is no longer the way it was.  Instead, that protective covering (what looked like a rug) was rolled up so we can have full amplification of our creation.

When I seen her body, again, on top of the magnetosphere (like everyone else in this day) her feet were in the west, her head in the east and her body draped over her magnetosphere.  The living light that made up her body, holy heaven batman.  The only times I have ever seen such pure light was thru guides or our soul self, but now… as we have been talking about, is now fully infused in her biological container (her whole body.)

Then my field of vision went to her heart, a hollow opening in her body pressed against the magnetosphere of creation.  Any and everything coming out of her (all of our) heart(s) is the energy of pure creation.

If we can look at that magnetosphere as the pure energy that releases creation into the field of matter, it would have to be the energy of unconditional love.  Love is the fabric of creation.  Keep in mind the most important word “unconditional.”  Love does not see anything as good or bad, better or worse, it is all love expressing itself by the heart beat of the human creator.

Her and the field kept emphasizing over and over again about pure emotion, practicing each emotion as it streams thru the heart into our garden of life.  I watched as joy came out of her heart, pinged against the magnetosphere and moved like sound waves across the entirety of her magnetosphere, reverberating.  Liquid energy rained down from her heart, thru her life’s grid, into the heart of Gaia, and emerged back up as something created.

To contrast this, I had a lady who’s entire reading was complete gray-scale and I could see her hiding behind the curtain of life, the veil if you will, taking only moments to “peek out” and all I could feel from her is not feeling safe.  Even in her voice, there was no expressive emotions, her voice, which equally means, her breath of creation, was flat, void of any sort of excitement at all.  Even her questions, one about a relationship, the other about a new job, flat, monotone and well, just colorless.  Even when I threatened to go over there and tickle here didn’t change the energy (or really, lack there of) coming out of her.

Sometimes, I swear we want things for the sake of wanting them, old programming running hard, not a true and deep inner desire at all.

(Note: I wrote the above yesterday, over slept two days in a row, so I am going to jump forward here and get to the big reveal that came thru a connection yesterday.)

My wonderful lady was the first, and so far the only person I have connected with that was actually standing at the ground level (as opposed to working/tweaking/adjusting their connections within the magnetosphere itself.

She was standing back against the left side of her magnetosphere, her body aflame with strands of color that seemed to be infused from her center to her back and stretched above her head  about 2 feet (going to scale of my vision.)  The front of her looked, well, like her.

Now I am going to turn it all into a guitar analogy.  The magnetosphere would be the guitar itself.  The colors the strings of the guitar, the emotion the energy that plucks the strings and your deep inner desire, your breath itself is the placement on the frets of a guitar.

What I do not know clearly right now, is what each color represents.  Kind of like the strings of a guitar, I have no clue what they mean to the guitar itself (but please do not take this analogy literally, it is just the best way I can explain how to use your full instrument of creation.)

I watched as we ran joy thru her body yesterday, and suddenly I could see the blue string start to vibrate rapidly against the magnetosphere of her personal life/creation.  The vibration rapidly spread out upwards and left to right.  Once it reaches the far right side of her world, joy will have shown up in her life.

Our job right now is to practice, practice, practice.  A single real emotion at a time and then see what arrives in our lives from it.  However we strum that emotion thru us, activates a string of creation and arrives in our world.

Just because I have always associated color with our chakra system and the energy held in that understanding, I equally want to do this with our guitar strings, but, especially this morning, I realize that is not an accurate relationship to the color strands I see.  Even with that, I am hearing that each one of us is unique wired and once strummed, vibrate to the energy package that got you to Here.

Our job right now is to learn how to play ourselves.  As we get more and more proficient in our use of our full creational instrument(s) we will start to come together with each other, linking our personal magnetosphere with each other, creating very much a bee hive like energy within creation.

I do want to mention that our magnetosphere is not a solid energy.  I see it more like an oblong or tube like spiderweb. Openings with golden threads of designs.  The designs or configurations of each webbing is made within the realm of sacred geometry that starts at the magnetosphere and moves downward into your created life for release of expression.


Just like the spider web itself, there is that place directly in the middle that aligns with the core center of your life (where energy meets biology and biology expresses creation.)

It is equally your job and your job alone to harness the pure emotions as part of your life’s fabric.  The more you own the words “I can’t” the more you replicate the can’t-ness of your field.

I am also hearing from a lot of people that they don’t know what to do.  So much has changed, right down to relationships, jobs, living spaces (or the deep inner desire to move, but not knowing where to or when.)  Instead of looking towards future results of anything, play in the now.  Play with your fully functional Divine Instrument.  Give your future the energy and life of your desires.  Joy, hope, gratitude, bliss, courage, excitement and so on.  If you focus on the outcome, you have missed the creational process all together and will end up building a house of cards that will blown down in the next incoming wind of change.

And then there is our sensual energy.  Kundalini integration, full infusion must come first.  This integration allows for the living energy of life to fill your core.  (From wikipedia: Kundalini is described within Eastern religious, or spiritual, tradition as an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately to bestow the state of Yoga, or Divine Union, upon the ‘seeker’ of truth.”)  Cleanse duality out of your core so that when we have those brief moments of duality emotions (anger, fear, etc.) they are there for a reason, not to swim in or drown in, my recognize within your moment for use and acceleration.

Shambha-lini is the skin of your new vessel… and so much more than that too.

On that note, my day of connections begin.  I do want to leave you with a link from yesterdays radio show.  I had so much fun.  Thank you to Laura and April for hosting me and my silliness.  What an amazing triad of energy we were… I was buzzed for the rest of the evening.  And for those interested… of course we talked about sex and the power of creation within our sexual and orgasmic energy.  Here is the link, have a listen and a laugh: )

I love you all so much!!  Here is to rocking our inner world into our outer world one strand of emotion at a time.

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