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StreetsOfLove-Unconventional – Angel Lucci – The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I’ve Ever Seen – By Shane Koyczan – 11 February 2014

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John Ward – Carney’s Housing Bubble Bank Stress Test: A Sure Sign That The Governor Is Very Much His Own Man – 11 February 2014


Santander seen privately as “aeroplane without engines”

We’re pretty much all driven by guilt about the past and fears about the future. The deadly human ability to look back and forward without appreciating Now has always been, and always will be, a powerful guide to what we might do in any given set of circumstances. Continue reading


John Ward – Around The World In 80 Words – 11 February 2014

JohnWTube strike called off: Unions halt second walkout at last minute after reaching deal . U.S. derivatives watchdog chides industry for providing “gappy” data on $630 trillion market. Greek Coalition Parties PASOK and New Democracy default on repayments of €270m they owe to banks. EU commentators routinely referring to ‘the definitive repudiation by the German High Court of the ECB rescue device called the OMT’. UK Rates to rise this year as economy picks up, says ex BoEngland deputy governor

Earlier at The Slog: UKip decidedly shifty on issue of EU flood Directives

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InvestmentWatchBlog – The I.M.F. Needs A Reset – 11 February 2014

InvestmentWatchFor all the criticism that has been directed at it over the decades, the International Monetary Fund provides vital services to the world economy. In particular, it acts as the nearest thing to an international lender of last resort to countries experiencing external financial crises — and thereby helps to maintain international financial stability.

But the I.M.F. is experiencing a crisis of governance. The governments of big developing countries have become frustrated with the unwillingness of Western countries to adjust the distribution of power in the fund in line with their rising economic weight. Frustration has encouraged some to explore bypass institutions, such as the development bank and the currency-pooling scheme being negotiated among the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Today the four big BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have a combined share of world gross domestic product of 24.5 percent, compared with the 13.4 percent share of the four big European economies (Germany, France, Britain, Italy); but the four BRICS countries have a combined share of votes of only 10.3 percent, compared with the four European nations’ share of 17.6 percent.

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Hyper Report – 140211 – Lights Out For NSA? – 11 February 2014

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Ralph Ring, Zero Point Tech & A Call Out To All Innovators – 11 February 2014

Uploaded on 11 February 2014 by lisamharrison (Lucas: As said on comment  with the article before, look back for that, keep discerning and seeing what is and isn’t for you. I going only for open source, genuine free and for all freely available and freely assessable and in some ways still affordable solutions. All of course without limitations, contracts, etc attached to the solutions in any way. Sharing and caring for all.  I have put my efforts in helping the 3D global printing network. I am not into movements for what reason ever and not into groups or group minds or group enclosures. )    

Sophia Love – Love Quest : Day 4 – Afraid? – 11 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

This journey is half over.

We are “just as far in as we’ll ever be out”   (Anna Nalick – Breathe)
So, despite all opposing forces, if you are still reading this, there’s been at least a nod towards self love.  That’s fantastic and life altering.  Let’s keep going.
What stops you?  For each of us, regardless of what it looks like or sounds like, it’ll boil down to FEAR.  Look closely and you’ll see.  A fearless being stops only when the goal has been reached. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake up Call: St. Germain – 11 February 2014

NancyTate02-09-14: I received some information in my email today from Anakhanda Mushaba that he was inspired to write as he read the Wake up Call that I sent out on the 6th. As I sat down to respond to his writings St Germain came through with his responses. See the revised WUC below.

St. Germain,

Nancy: St Germain, I have been wondering since you gave the information the other day that you did, why did you give me what you did, and why the timing of it? Now I am wondering, what more, if any, is there that you would like to share with me so that I can share it with the world? I feel there must be at least a part 2 to this message. Continue reading

Andrew Bailey Denies Bank Of England Knew Of Forex Market Manipulation – 11 February 2014

The Independent

Bank says it first heard about allegations of market manipulation in October

The deputy governor of the Bank of England has been forced to deny that it condones market manipulation after it was dragged into an investigation over foreign exchange rate-fixing claims which he agreed could be “enormously damaging” to it.

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Today We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance – 11 February 2014

Logo_activistpost-comElectronic Frontier Foundation

Since June, ongoing revelations about the NSA’s activities have shown us the expanding scope of government surveillance. Today is the day people around the world are demanding an end to mass spying.

A broad coalition of organizations, companies, and individuals are loudly voicing their stance against unwarranted mass spying—over 6,000 websites have joined together today to demand reform. EFF stands by millions of users—represented by groups like Demand Progress, ACLU, PEN, and Access as well as companies like Google, Twitter, Mozilla, and reddit—to reform governmental collection of innocent users’ information. Continue reading