Judith Dagley – Love Connection – 12 February 2014

judith“We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” 
– Albert Einstein

Ha, I love this quote! And like everything that makes me laugh, it’s rooted in truth. After all, how could anything that’s been used to recycle old data even be expected to have “personality?”

Yet we’ve been using “3rd dimensional brain muscles” (which categorize all of our experiences, while filtering out all that do not fit into its “already known” categories) as the source of our intellect (which is defined as “the ability to think, reason, and learn”)– for aeons. Therefore, recycling the past into various repeating patterns in the present has been our illusionary and limited way of perceiving “reality!”

Can you believe it? Yikes. Well, if any of you have ever “thought” your life was boring… NOW at least you know why. (And that’s a really BIG discovery, btw!)

So obviously, realizing the strength of our thoughts is extremely important. Thoughts carry frequency, which then manifest external reflections that are a vibrational match for them into form. Which means that its even more important to become aware of what is forming our thoughts. I mean, if its still old experiences that are being recycled into the present for the 87th “time”… you might want to get OFF that treadmill… don’cha feel?

You might be ready and willing to finally make the heart connection. And from what I’ve personally  experienced so far about plugging the 3rd dimensional brain into the multidimensional intelligence of the heart…WOW. That’s when you enter the “mind”– the brain and heart re-integrated– and those are some muscles, is all I have to say! (For NOW, anyway.)

See, on its own, the 3rd dimensional brain would not be able to handle the incoming data stream received through the multi-dimensional heart. All by itself, the brain would perceive all of that encoded information as so impossibly complex that it would short circuit. Yep– which would then flood the ego with a continuous overload of incomprehensible high frequency information… which would set off even more sparks throughout the psyche. (And if this sounds like “insanity” to you– congratulate yourself! You just had an “Aha moment.”)

When taken in through the heart,  however, all of that multidimensional complexity becomes… as simple as LOVE. That is because the heart knows the codes. And because it is a human heart, it also knows how to translate them through the mind into human “brain language.”

Thus, the brain becomes a tool of the heart, rather than an overworked filing clerk. That is quite an exalted upgrade, and –again from my own experience– the brain seems to find it to be an enormous relief, as well as its heart’s desire –which is OUR heart’s desire, of course. (The brain IS a part of us, you know!)

Einstein discovered the power and magnificence of a mind aligned with LOVE. He was a true frontrunner, a leader who left us many leadiing hints to follow in order to make the same discovery for ourselves. In that way more than any other, he was of tremendous service to us.

NOW… isn’t it about “time” we all  take those hints and run with them BIG TIME… don’cha feel ?


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