Lucas – On My Own – Seeing The View – Change Is Now Happening – 12 February 2014

By Felix Burton via Flickr

Sometimes things go deep in your own flesh and spirit. The conscious knowing you can and are willing to lose everything for a new world that is build on strong stones carry the weight. We all are that rock, that foundation to make the build stand strong.

For me though it is sometimes difficult  to see, in working behind and in front the scenes in service to all, even with the perceptions and judgements about your views and keeping the center, that things can be harsh on you. Still I know all will somehow be alright even when it can be feeling lonely in doing the mission.

A mission for a better world for all was my drive. My intent is so pure without having attachments to groups, people as I still want all to really work together as individuals but without any secret agendas. It is sometimes hard coping with those still going back and forth in past, present or old paradigm stuff and beliefs.

We are on a breakthrough for sure… As I have been working on several projects behind the scenes and in observing what is going on. Just in my way I wanted to bring things together or get views drawn back to center or in balance. Sometimes the odd harsh pointing out a problem was needed and sometimes a gentle from the heart poem or article did the trick. 

I am not alone in my pursuit for happiness for humanity as a whole, all you are here also to do your thing.  We need to make things happen now.  It makes that I have really no interest in old paradigm, ego extreme displays or even those wanting to be in charge over others. I have troubles with the hidden agendas lots of people and groups carry still around for whatever noble or mad reason.

The secret does not wear well and it shows often so easy. Be you and not some actor. Honesty comes with being you in your full beauty and capacity. Work on things as individuals together from your passion and hearts. Do not think a group or movement will make the change for all happen. It are though in many ways the catalysts for change to happen in the first stages on personal level and in the bigger picture.

We will make new things happen in the flow of things. Ideas, opportunities, all that is needed or possible will show up in different forms. Things evolve into being so to say. It is a process,  a sequence set in motion by some heartfelt thoughts envisioned and let go in the stream of endless possibilities.

We are already working in different groups now in working together to manifest things that can change the lives of all of us in the most beautiful ways. We need to remember  to do all for the best of all humanity and the planet and beyond. The nanny, custodian, the boss telling you what to do, think or belief structure are finito.

We do things from our newly (to be) found inner-balance, the non-polarized you. That connection from heart-source in that centered you will be the starting point of creating really new things. Are we ready…..? Oh yes we are so ready! People all over the world show the urge and feel the need to change.

Change that finds its way from within to the outside of you. Change is not a difficult word it is just a word expressing your full potential to be used. It is just like stopping the centrifugal forge and see all fall back as it lost its ability to spin into the outer realm or extreme.

All that is played out now will due to its spin or by stopping of the spin contribute to the ending of the last runs of old paradigm clearance. It is a layer thing and everybody needs to go through it in their own way.  Do not think you can not contribute making the new happen. You do in your way already.

Remember in this feeling to change we will change things beyond old structures or futuristic thoughts.  Still it is a process and we need to be helping each other in sharing and caring. In seeing things can be just paid forward. Or just with a little gift kept running. See to it that you keep the energy exchange in balance.

Taking all is not the way to go. See also that some things are done for you even without costs and for free but still need some little exchange back.  The new is not about building new value systems or having new ways of cumulation of wealth or resources or in making profit.

We are changing already things in seeing things in the financial world need to change. Some see it still by changes within the old system. Others have already stept over the old barriers and are building some sort of new system still based on old exchanging ways. It are all steps to go.

We will see soon that the only thing we need is exchanging energy. We are learning to automatically balance our energies by giving and contributing. No money, currency, paperwork or stuff needed to represent anything. Still we are not yet there. So in transition to the new we will see temporary systems.

All that will fade away eventually as we learn to live our lives totally based on different multidimensional perceptions.  We will create all that is needed for us all. Abundance, freedom, and lots of talents, and new creations you can enjoy and explore.  We are the explorers of the new paradigm.

We will work it out together. More are seeing their actions from the old paradigm in polarization can be turned around into balance. Lots are now becoming aware of their roles and want change happen as they are now willing to help. Funding from non-profit agendas is the only way to go.
Do not expect a return on your investment in money or whatever but see the change that can sprout from just a bit of funding. All done without ulterior motives to make the basics in a project run itself self-sufficient.  We need not megalomania type of projects. Small projects.

We also need things to be freely accessible and free to reproduce in sharing knowledge, sharing in all sorts of ways to make things work for all. Hard- and software that is open source, plans and ideas openly available to work freely from and redevelop, edit or built upon without limits.

Freedom starts with being free. Freedom is inherently part of your being. Nothing can take your freedom, give it away or redefine it to limit you unless you do it yourself or give it away. Free spirits we are and we will have no need for anything to free us or learn us to be free or even structure our freedom around us in what form or ism ever.

In my loneliness observing from the little window in the skies all that goes on I find my blessing in knowing to be surrounded with all that is One with me and you and everything. This is why we are never alone ever. Loneliness  is just a feeling that passes away. Let us go living our lives to our fullest now all together.

Change is now happening. Be it and start small. There are lots to do.  Get working on it from the within and in contributing in the change outside of you. Enjoy, as I will enjoy my joyuous feeling and bliss for all I contributed and all that has been contributed by others. All is part of our great journey together.

Love and Light,


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