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Expanding U Radio – MISSION: I’MPOSSIBLE! – Friday 14th- 13 February 2014

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Peter, Lucas, Colin And Rena – Double Dutch Radio Show Reminder – Friday 14th Febr. – 13 February 2014

ddlogoSORRY PEOPLE, After a scheduling error, blogtalk even skipped after 20 minutes the recording of the show… So we have no-show today and will make up for it… next week… Roger Larson of course will be in it. Love Lucas

TODAY Friday 14 February 2014 SHOW REMINDER – LISTEN IN.

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The Show starts on the times shown below.

Friday the 14 February 2014. is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 6.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 12.00 pm – and  22.o0 pm Canberra Australia EST time.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-2459

Link to the radioshow 

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doubledutchradio/2014/02/14/doubledutch-radio Continue reading

Sophia Love – Latests Updates – 13 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

february 13th 2014 update (# 3, final)


Also I forgot to add this information which You will find interesting. As we know this winged disk and two headed bird is basically one and the same. The ET’s spacecrafts which was seen by ancestors of Humanity, from which these symbols appeared.
They are being used by many right now, by Russia, Albania, Turkey, Germany, Iran, India, Freemasonry, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism and still being used in Egypt. This is a very ancient symbol of “UFO”, the god in a boat and chariot of a “sun god” moving across the skies were also considered the very same winged concept.

Sophia Love – Love Quest : Day 6 – Perfect – 13 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

You’re not supposed to be anyone else.  You’re supposed to be you.  You may have spent your time thus far thinking you were supposed to respond to and create life like your mother, father, sister, brother or favorite somebody.  If so, it’s been an exercise in futility and frustration.  Try hard as you might, you can’t be anyone but you.  And that’s okay.
As a child I belonged to a 4-H club.  We competed at the county level.  Once, in a baking contest, my friend made the most beautiful cake.  As we watched it rising in the oven, she realized she’d forgotten to add the eggs.  She opened the oven door and shoved them in.  It was a disaster from that point on.  No ribbons went home with her that year. Continue reading

The Independent – UK Launches £500,000 Fund For Male Victims Of Sexual Abuse – 13 February 2014

The independent

Police figures show there were 2,164 rape and sexual assaults against men in 2013

By Maria Tadeo

Male victims of rape and sexual abuse are set to receive counselling and advice as part of a new £500,000 fund launched by the Government.

Read the full story at: www.independent.co.uk/ link to original article

DealBook – S.E.C. Close To Naming New Senior Official – 13 February 2014



After months of deliberation, Mary Jo White is finalizing her inner circle.

Quote: Ms. White, who became chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission 10 months ago, has privately indicated plans to name a new leader of the agency’s division of trading and markets, a powerful unit that monitors the day-to-day functioning of stock exchanges and the broader financial system. Her likely pick, according to people briefed on the matter, is Stephen Luparello, a former regulator turned corporate lawyer.

Read the fulol story at: www.dealbook.nytimes.com/link to original article

Méline Lafont – Sharing From A Reader About The Latest message Of AA Michael Through me: Chemtrails And The Holographic Existence – 13 February 2014

MélineThis is a correspondence that I have received through my e-mail a few days ago, from a reader that wanted to share something about my latest message of Archangel Michael.  I find it really interesting and agree with this, so I am sharing this with you all ♥ much Love, Méline Continue reading