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I-UV Sweden

Generally I think questions are a very good way forward for humanity in order to “learn”  but as with most things there are exemptions, I will talk about this below, yesterday I was so drained by this discussion on Skype so I’ve got to share parts of it. I know I choose to “engage” and get emotional but when people say that you don’t care about other people based on answers that does not fit them that catches a fire within me.

Yesterday in a Skype room about zero point the issue about how to fund those projects came up. One of the guys in the room simply said that our value was already present which we following the OPPT etc know all to well. I’ve cleaned up the conversation and taken away the names of all individuals but myself, I also added color to the text so it’s easier to follow. And yes I know energy goes where focus flows but I’m still human! The conversation gets a little rough at the end but I think it speaks for it self and that you can handle it.

Then conversation:
A “> AA, that’ s basically the question: how do we get money for ourselves, for the community, for food, for the car, for every day living, for air fare … how do we access our value? Can we access it … that’s all… 😉

try letting go of the “need” and letting the universe provide….”

Q from QQ: “How is that working for you XX do you live in a house do you eat on a daily basis who pays for that???

Ⓘliver Troll: QQ you know excatly what XX means..

A from XX: I wasn’t talking about fund raising for air fare etc…I was talking about rent for the community, building materials, etc….

Ⓘliver Troll: Don’t need to go the “how do you pay for your bills road”

Ⓘliver Troll: It’s the same principal as D and I wrote about the other day…

Q from QQ: “Yes but for the billions of people hungry and homeless and not know they have “value” what do you say to them?”

A from XX: “It works for me just fine…i have a home a car….opportunity to make money has always presented itself to me….”

A from XX: “Whether I worried about bills or not”

Ⓘliver Troll: QQ what can you influence here right now?

Ⓘliver Troll: Can you give every homeless some place to live?

Ⓘliver Troll: Or every hungry human something to eat?

QQ: ” Nothing actually all i see is evasive answers and no answers that answer the real problems”

Ⓘliver Troll: You can give away clothes, or donate to causes in order to create a better world.

Ⓘliver Troll: You can buy organic food.

Ⓘliver Troll: Organic clothes.

Ⓘliver Troll: Fair trade stuff.

Ⓘliver Troll: Or  you can argue about what to say to those in need..

Ⓘliver Troll: Does this mean that you are a cruel person?

QQ: “No argueing just asking questions that no one will answer”

Ⓘliver Troll: Now your DOing what you can to create a better planet.. right?

Ⓘliver Troll: What answer do you want?

Ⓘliver Troll: What is your answer?

Ⓘliver Troll: What is your solution?

Ⓘliver Troll: Why ask a question nobody can answer?

Ⓘliver Troll: We have to start somewhere don’t we?

Ⓘliver Troll: Do I want to save every child from starvation or suffering or any animal or other BEING right NOW? YES

AA:” Carry the intent in your heart.  “I want the world to be a bettter place for all souls”….and it will manifest….focus on the negative and that will manifest

Ⓘliver Troll: But since my magic wand does not create in seconds there is a time delay..

AA:”Do what you can to help in the way that you can…that is all you can DO…”

Ⓘliver Troll: so for now I do the BEST thing I can by being involved in projects.

AA:” Be happy, be love…”

Ⓘliver Troll: yes AA.. yes..

Ⓘliver Troll: we are lot’s of beings with different perceptions …

AB: “I would say to QQ that the only way to help the starving is to change perceptions. The perceptions of the hoarders and those that are left hungry in the dark. Awareness and knowing are the two most important things we ALL have to offer. IMO, these are the only answers and the only path forward.

Ⓘliver Troll: right AB..

Ⓘliver Troll: QQ I did not mean to make a rant I feel your frustration and share it – it’s just that I’m working my ass off with projects not getting “paid” to get a better world and then read stuff like that it’s like somebody putting a thumb in my eye… love you (heart)

QQ: ” And i honestly think you two do not care about people saying it is only perception that people are hungry or homeless I see them all the time Are they really throwaways Will you really turn your back and ignore them cause it doesn’t fit your perception WTF is wrong with this picture, besides no compassion…

QQ:” Give your head a shake”

AB:  ” QQ, pull your head out of your a**. I have lived in some of the worst places on the planet. I have seen REAL poverty up close and personal. I have lived it. If you are lost in the question, stop getting in the way of those trying to find the answers!

AB: Further, I really don’t think this is a great place for you to have your self riteous hissy-XXX”

QQ: ” Fuck off AB ……Ignore the poverty if you wish AB but it is real”

So with above conversation in mind I would like you to ponder about that the greatest shift in humans history is happening right in front of us and we are arguing asking questions about what to say to the child’s suffering, animals suffering or humans suffering on the planet?

I don’t know about you but I rather do something about it then asking questions with no answer that fits. I cans choose to beat myself up cause I don’t help everybody on the planet right away but I choose not to. My magic wand has a time delay and I can’t help it so I have to work with what I have in the moment of NOW. If you

also like to do something join various projects like – New Earth Project, The Venus Project, Thrive, Ubuntu or the guys in Morocco arguing will not get us anywhere. Let’s keep the focus on the ball shall we?


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