John Ward – The Paedofile : How Self-Abuse Expert Mark Williams-Thomas Destroyed An Innocent Teacher’s Life – 13 February 2014

mwtstadiumptnetSteve McNab is a teacher in early middle age. His name isn’t Steve McNab, but this victim of Mob mentality is now so paranoid about having his name in the public domain, an alias is the only way for him to get the Truth out There.

I’ll let him fill in the background.

“I was a teacher, got mixed up in an allegation as I did not report a pupil texting me about an affair she was having with a teacher. (It ended up getting pinned on me as the cops could not work out the difference between my mobile and the other teacher.) All was quickly cleared up and sorted in Court when the evidence came out, but the school fired me for not following procedure. Fair enough really.
“Mark Williams-Thomas comes in when he is hired by England Hockey (I had played the sport for 15 years, and when the police started investigating me , they banned me until further notice.) So when I got cleared (legally) but fired, I was told I’d have to apply to get the ban lifted.”
Now we have to be clear here: this is a bloke who has been completely cleared of any sexual abuse whatsoever. But for Mark Williams-Thomas (MWT) “child protection expert”, that wasn’t enough.
Steve takes up the story:
“So I attend a hearing where MWT is the independent consultant to England hockey and he says ah, there is a risk here, the guy should be banned. MWT says danger danger etc, the panel take it with a pinch of salt and say, we hear you MWT, what we are going to do is to allow Mr McNab to play, but apply a restriction that he can’t be a captain (responsibility and influence etc). We will send a letter out confirming our judgement.
“I go home on this basis from the hearing and get a letter a week later saying that the panel had concluded after I left (and while MWT was still there) that I was a risk in the men’s league, and so the ban was upheld….forever.”
By any standards of British justice, this was a ridiculous verdict: the condemnation of an accused man proven to be innocent. But then, the three words Mark Williams-Thomas have become synonymous with the word ‘ridiculous’. He is, to be straightforward about this, a man whose every assertion about himself proves to be sexed-up, and whose every self-awarded title turns out to be complete bollocks: eg, “child protection expert”. This man is the child abuse mania equivalent of Grant Shapps: but his bungling interference in the lives of others leads to even more tragedy than the idiot Shapps has ever managed.
Steve McNab is a heterosexual with no criminal record who lives with his teenage stepdaughter. Following the baseless charges brought by Plod, social services got involved, but swiftly retreated when they saw the domestic ordinariness and complete dearth of irregularity.
Yet he is now banned from playing men’s hockey because, according to Mark Willipuller-Onanist, he is a risk to 16/17 year old boys playing hockey.
Shame on England Hockey for being hoodwinked by this serial con-man. I would add “Shame on Mark Williams-Thomas”, but the media-feted pillock has no shame.
Mark Williams-Thomas is a pest who goes about his trade as a purveyor of completely unwarranted fear. He is – literally – profiting from the confusion of a society which knows not the difference between sh*t and putty. I’m not saying he should be behind bars, but I do think he should be outed and condemned as a damned nuisance who exists purely for the pointless purpose of easy money for Mark Williams-Thomas.
Those of good heart and genuine innocence who have suffered at the hands of this reptile should contact me at the usual address,

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