Méline Lafont – Sharing From A Reader About The Latest message Of AA Michael Through me: Chemtrails And The Holographic Existence – 13 February 2014

MélineThis is a correspondence that I have received through my e-mail a few days ago, from a reader that wanted to share something about my latest message of Archangel Michael.  I find it really interesting and agree with this, so I am sharing this with you all ♥ much Love, Méline

Dear Meline,
I discovered your website only two days ago and there was a reason for that as I will try to explain. Your recent message from AA Michael is something that I have understood for many years now, that Gaia herself is ascending into 5D, while a physical version or reflection of Her remains in 3D for those who need to or have agreed to continue the experience of 3D Earth.
I’m writing because I feel that I may have some information that may help your readers to understand the truth behind those numerous and harmful things that are happening now in 3D.
I will take, for example, chem trails. If we understand that chem trails are a holographic insert into 3D Earth that are meant to be discovered as causing sickness and death, then we will be afraid of them, and because our thoughts create our reality, sickness and death will follow as a result of believing in chem trails.
However, if we believe that chem trails are a holographic insert into 3D in order to be discovered for the fear they will bring, not to mention an uprising by the people, then we can easily understand that such things as chem trails will not exist in Gaia’s 5D version of Earth. In Gaia’s 5D there can be no fear.
What this means is proof of our Divine and sovereign right to create our own realities. If I choose to not have chem trails in my life, even though I see the skies filled with them day after day, they will not affect me. This thinking can be applied to all harmful processes that are occurring and will increase as Gaia does her best to wake everyone up. GMO’s are and will cause fear. Vaccinations are and will cause fear. Economic collapse seems to be happening and will cause fear.
Yet, all of these scenarios could be interpreted as holographic inserts into the 3D Earth matrix. If you believe that your bank account is going to be wiped out, it will be, if you believe that GMO’s will make you sick, they will, et cetera, and I believe that is exactly what AA Michael is discussing.
When we switch our consciousness to the Earth that we want to be a part of, which is Gaia in 5D and beyond,where none of the harmful effects discussed above are a part, then what happens in 3D can from that point on be construed as holographic inserts, and as a result cannot harm us.
I truly hope I have made some sense here and I thank you from my heart for bringing AA Michael’s message to the internet. I believe we are close now to the separation of frequencies and we have done a wonderful job to say that we all forgot why we were here upon arrival!!
Love to you and thank you,

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