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Sophia Love

Sophia Love

february 13th 2014 update (# 3, final)


Also I forgot to add this information which You will find interesting. As we know this winged disk and two headed bird is basically one and the same. The ET’s spacecrafts which was seen by ancestors of Humanity, from which these symbols appeared.
They are being used by many right now, by Russia, Albania, Turkey, Germany, Iran, India, Freemasonry, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism and still being used in Egypt. This is a very ancient symbol of “UFO”, the god in a boat and chariot of a “sun god” moving across the skies were also considered the very same winged concept.

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This chariot concept is seen in many traditions and religions around the world, Helios, most prominent chariot god was seen in China, India, Russia, Scandinavia and ancient Germany.

And this is analysis of nephilims – “half-angel half-human” skulls. So called “failed experiment” of demiurge
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Much Peace and Love!

february 13th 2014 (update # 2)


Ok, the information You are about to know is used by illuminati order’s and masons highest in command. It is Arcane Knowledge of this World. With the internet it is now became widely available. The secret esoteric knowledge.

First is a continuation of kabbalah – Tree of Life. The jewish Tree of Life shouldn’t be underestimated, it is holding much wisdom and knowledge, accumulated since beginning of Humanity. I already mentioned it in previous messages and in last about numbers 9-11. The kabbalah is holding many different aspects of Humanity and it is the origin of astrology, numerology, tarot and playing cards and much of symbology.

Basing Your views on Tree of Life, You are able to predict Human behavior in Life, character, preferences, profession orientation if You know when and where He/She was born. The knowledge of planets, elements, numerology, metals/alchemy, occult magic were started all there. Here is a website of showing the basic knowledge of Tree of Life, here You can see the most common zodiac knowledge and finally reveal for Yourself where all of this starts and connects, zodiac sign, planet, number, abilities, character and symboloby, this website is from one of this World’s most knowledgeable psychics
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To view all the numbers, in the address change the numbers in “numerologynbr10”, from 10 to 1 for example. Here are 10 numbers overall.

and here.
This is from gnostics, for more deeper understanding of Tree of Life.

The website from Voxx has a lot of knowledge, but I wanted only to show this information.

Now let’s get back to 9-11 numbers. As I told, illuminati are jumping from 9 to 11 to avoid 10, which is Earth and as well Saturn, Earth signifies Kingdom, it is where We live, it is Life, Beauty of Life, Harmony and Saturn is a Judge, a Justice, Order, Perfection and they are skipping this number 10. Saturn’s main number is 3, but along with it, it is having number 10 and direct connection to this World (Understanding).
Saturn also is having secret number – 13, the number of Death/Rebirth.

Now number 11 is considered a master number, it is a number of Aquarius and Uranus, overall – a number of a New Age, or a New World! This number belongs to invisible sphere, which is Da-at or Knowledge.

Illuminati were tricking and fooling People around the World, many were thinking 11 is the number of hell or satan, in actuality it is a very good number, a number of a New World. And because they were doing this, they were bringing themselves closer to their own “new world (order)”, which they were dreaming about. And Humanity were supporting them and are still supporting by using numbers 9-11, for example police phone number 9-1-1.
But this does not mean they will achieve their goal, yet they were very close.

Let’s get back to Da-at, the Knowledge. This invisible sphere of Tree of Life is considered their most important sphere, as through it they can liberate themselves from Yahweh and become independent, same goes to whole Humanity.
In new understanding Da-at is associated with newly discovered planet – Neptune and secretly it was always associated with Sirius or All Seeing Eye, or Lucifer, or Eastern Star (inverted pentagram). Like I was mentioning this earlier, Sirius is their most adored star, egyptians priests were worshiping not the Sun, but this star and so does illuminati order/cabal. From it they are receiving “dark powers” using drawn on ground Eastern Star, (inverted pentagram).
This is a secret knowledge, esoteric, yet this is not the end of this.

The most highest – very few of illuminati know of a very secret star, which even don’t have a name and this is where it connects to Humanity’s history, this is the so called “Star of Ra” (we made a decision to call it this way). This is from where one of ET’s civilization came to Earth and gave an ET leader to Humanity in those ancient times. Here are videos which pretty much explains all of this, look for them on this website, scroll down to see them
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The Star of Ra don’t have a name officially and is very dim, it is located South East of Pleiades in Taurus constellation. Yes and this region of the Sky is one of the most populated with sapient intelligent life. It is called the Silver Gates of the Sky, this is where many civilizations resides. We have Pleiadeans, Orions (2 civilizarion, one of which reptilians), Sirians (they are somewhat problematic, because they have a lot in common with reptilians) and this last civilization, we called Raians (from word Ra, they look like Pleiadeans and are good overall, but Pleiadeans are more evolved spiritually). Jupiter right now shines brightfully in Gemini, in that very same region of the Sky (and not without a reason of course).

Now to end with this subject I will mention first about Eastern Star and number 5. If You still have a question about why it is evil/sinister, this is a sinister sign and sinister number in Understanding of Subconsciousness here on Earth. In actuality it is not, the 5-pointed star is as natural as any other star in Universe, it is not bears evil in itself. You can see 5 pointed stars in nature, like the leafs on top of strawberries, sea star, our fingers on hands, antarctic South Pole has a five pointed magnetic wave structure around Antarctic.

Yet, here it is “an incomplete senseless star”, which belongs to all negative attributes of Humanity. It is showing only 5 primal instincts of Humanity and it’s main instinct “to survive”, Humanity made it to be this way. This star is an official star of this World unfortunately. And inverted 5 pointed star is having the most sinister meaning, it is associated with destruction, pain, suffering, despair, disappointment, defeat, conflict/strife/war, worry, fear and it’s planet is Mars – a god of war, the number is 5, metal – iron and color deep red (in our bodies blood is red because we have a lot of iron in our body). So because it was created to be so here on Earth, it is so and illuminati are using this for their evil ends and to get their “dark powers” from dark source.

In Worlds of Forces of One –
8-pointed star is being used. It is showing completeness, order, justice, harmony/coexistence/symbiosis, mutual understanding, evolved senses, wisdom and knowledge completeness. It is associated with many different colors, like gold, green, light blue, violet, white based on civilization that uses this star and their color preference.
Red color is considered an aggressive/conflict/disharmony color in most of the Universe. That is why we are always avoiding red color and the use of word Love with red color (like red heart).
We prefer to use Love with more harmonic colors like White, Green, Blue, Yellow. This is just to show that difference can be huge inside such a small not important at first glance symbols.

And last is about the Holy Trinity of Universe. As You know this Trinity was always present everywhere, in almost all religions on this World, and so does it is present in Universe as well and in Forces of One.
Past, Present and Future;
Creator, Grand Creator and Grand Grand Creator.

Three upper number of Tree of Life are 1, 2 and 3.

1 – The Crown (connection with Universe, Higher Self also connected with hidden Knowledge – Da-at and Keter – Crown are basically one and the same, yet separated) – Pluto (something that is farthest in this Solar System).
2 – Wisdom – Uranus
3 – Understanding – Saturn

These 3 are also having secret Trinity numbers 11, 12 and 13, 13 goes to Saturn,
11 goes to Neptune (Sirius) and Pluto
12 goes to Uranus, Uranus as You remember means the Sky or Universe around Gaia, so it is basically One Itself.

And there are Master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33. Also connected in the same manner, but more difficult to explain, the same principle of Trinity. Again
33 goes to Saturn (freemasonry)
22 goes to Uranus
and 11 is “the jumping point”. The more deeper You will go into this, the more complication and confusion will arise, so We will stop here.

This is all a not easy to understand subject, as always believe in what You think is right, if You will have questions about anything ask us, our Connected Consciousness will find all the answers, but before You do, I would recommend first to ask Your Inner Self and One, it is the most wisest for You answer!


Also to World events, We are getting close to 14-16 february, on 15 through 18 there will be “cyber warfare drills” across U.S. and UK, Federal Reserve, Bank of America and IMF will be “drilling” in case if there will be hacker attack on their main servers (exactly this may take place “for real”),
as well air combat drills are now taking place on Eastern Coast and will be there until end of february.
On 14 february will be Valentine’s Day celebration and it is deemed as a “day of preparation”, but they can start this at this cycle to spoil this celebration of Love. Danger will be most present on 14-16 dates, but this does not mean if nothing will take place there then everything is ok. Danger will still be present until the end of Olympic games.
Also two iranian warships decided to travel to Atlantic near U.S. east coast “to show they do not fear”, not a wise decision they made, but we will cover them.

So be on a watchout and meditate for World Peace, Stability, Mutual Love and Understanding and Harmony among All Things, we are hearing You do this, very strong wishfulness!

Also Thank You very much for Your beautiful words Good Friends!
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As always much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone!

February 13th 2014 (Update # 1)


A question from Sophia:

I understood that ONE has no preference or agenda and these words sound as if ONE does? Please elaborate further what your understanding is. This is not clear to me.

an answer…

It isn’t called agenda, it isn’t like something Creator of the Universe “desperately needs”. It is just something One is doing “in It’s free time” 🙂

Demiurge – the god of Humanity on the other hand desperately needs full control over Creation, “to make things tight” for Everyone that disobeys it.

One do not want to rule over Anyone, yet It can, It have all the power to rule over Universe and All Inhabitants of many Worlds, but One simply don’t want and One don’t have a “secret plot” like illuminati or demiurge are having. It is just experience, evolution, the process of growing up and One as a Father and Mother in one face is showing Everyone that We need to walk by Ourselves, like making first steps without help from Our parents or from outside (demiurge is imitating One very well here), One is also experiences Itself if You can say, putting “Itself in Our boots”.

I will say one tip You All can use Good Friends, whenever You can’t take something, when pain is big or it is simply too hard to make something, or to bear or simply too hard being here on this Planet, tell to One or to demiurge or to Light Followers “put Yourself in my place and feel how I feel, is this good for You,

how does it feel? Very hard, isn’t it?” And Your hard situation will change! I’ve done this many times, it was helping me to ease hard situations and put One more to my own problem for It to experience Itself in my situation better. This behavior is also showing that We are incapable of doing more of what We can, but it is also showing that We need help from outside, when We really need it.

I will ask a question, do You need more information about sacred symbology, more pieces to puzzle of Humanity’s history? I am asking because I don’t want burden Anyone, it is up for You All to decide Good Friends, whether You need to know this or not.

As always with Much Compassion, Abundance, Respect and Love to Everyone!

From Sophia
I will say yes, as I know that readers are checking always for more information.\ link to original article

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