Krista Raisa – Don’t Go Back To That Bad Relationship! – 14 February 2014

Uploaded on 12 February 2014 by Krista Raisa

Some reasons why boundaries are good and motivation to manifest something so much better…. We’ve all been going through initiations in January and early February 2014, but this is the year where a lot of positive changes are taking place and where you can have the energy to make that change you need to improve the quality of your life, increase your happiness levels, and live the life of your dreams, finally, you deserve it! If you’re not sure, I didn’t mention this, but pick a tarot card from the angel Tarot Oracle deck, or some positive energy deck, and if you get a major arcana card, it’s because the relationship was actually a contract and the lesson you had to go through. Be thankful, and move on!

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