UK Column Live – 14 February 2014

Uploaded on 14 February 2014 by ukcolumn

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with a news update from the UK Column:

Robert Green arrested and held in Scotland now due to appear Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court today without legal representation on charges of breaking a ‘non-harassment order’; Robert Green’s real crime is trying to protect children from abuse; Police Scotland Judicial System Courts and Levy McRae form Scottish Police State system; Scottish police leave their collar numbers at home when asked questions about Robert Green; Conservative MP David Moffat unavailable to comment on constituent Robert Green as MPs start a rest recess; King David Cameron leads the king Cobra meeting on flooding and tours country in media look good programme; RAF uses high tech Sentinel aircraft in childish propaganda stunt to map floods; No money for flood relief as 19th March budget day approaches; House construction rising to cope with migration and rising water levels; Cameron lies that 550 flood defence jobs at Environment Agency will not be cut; Cameron progresses subversive pland to cut public sector by 30 – 40%; Russia backs Egypt and warns US with $3billion arms deal; Denmark de-sensitises children in wolf dissection; Rolls Royce and Choudhrie family in bribes scandal as Choudries donate £500000 to Lib Dems; Government pushes break up of Britain as Demos linked Lord Adonis promotes moving House of Lords north; Press and Media bombards public with confusion of topics fear and desensitisation as economy falters and floodwater rises; Cameron takes power to sack MPs from constituents in clear objective to protect criminality; Cameron calls emergency meeting over suspicious parcels to hike public fear with no basis of fact.

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