SpiritScience – After 400 Years, Mathematicians Discover A New Class Of Shape – 16 February 2014


Knowing me, as soon as I saw an article about a new kind of geometry I was rather giddy! Essentially, a new “Class” of geometry was recently discovered after 400 years of research, building on our knowing of the ancient and rudimentary geometric structures first discussed by Plato several thousand years ago. 


The Trinity – Not a “Platonic” solid, but certainly an important one at that.

Upon reading the article below, at first I was a little confused. Primarily because sometimes when Mathematicians find stuff out, it’s very left-brained, very mathematical, and often leaves me pondering what the shape truly means, and how it relates to myself and the world around me in a more female, emotional, thought-based way.

What implications does this geometry have on my life?

You might remember the recent Spirit Science video about the trinity –  fun fact about that – it’s technically not a shape that can exist with straight lines, thus it cannot be a “platonic” solid. It certainly is a solid though, and as we theorized in the video – is it the geometry of a straight line itself?

Regardless of that, anything to do with geometry is incredibly exciting to me, especially when it’s relateable to our everyday world. Although this new discovery may not have specific relatable attributes to the way we live our lives in an immediate sense, it does relate a lot to the molecular structures of everything, including (as noted at the bottom of the article), viruses and diseases.

Read the full story and see pictures at: www.thespiritscience.net/link to original article

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