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TheIndependent – Hacking Trial: Tony Blair Advised Rebekah Brooks Before Her Arrest, Jury Told – 19 February 2014

The Independent

She sought his guidance at height of crisis at the News of the World, say prosecutors

By Adam Withnall

Tony Blair offered his services as an “unofficial adviser” to Rebekah Brooks six days before her arrest at the height of the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World, a court has heard.

Read the full story at: www.independent.co.uk / link to original article


TheIndependent – UK: Universal Credit: Government’s Welfare Reform ‘May Be Scrapped After Next Election’ – 19 February 2014

The Independent

IT glitches and low numbers threaten £2bn project

By Nigel Morris

The future of the Government’s major £2bn welfare reform was thrown into fresh doubt on Wednesday night after it emerged that just a handful of claimants have been enrolled into the new system.

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TheAustralian – Joe Hockey Fights G20 Push On Bank Rules – 19 February 2014

The Australian

DAVID CROWE –  The AustralianFebruary 20, 2014 12:00AM

JOE Hockey is countering attempts to impose new constraints on Australian banks at an international summit this weekend, amid fears the new rules could drive up costs and stifle lending.

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Steve Lendman – US-Stoked Violence Rocks Ukraine – 19 February 2014

StevelendmanWashington bears full responsibility for three months of street protest violence. At issue is toppling Ukraine’s democratically elected government. More on this below.
On Sunday, Ukraine offered amnesty to anti-government protesters. It did so provided they vacated occupied public buildings. An official statement said:
Amnesty “comes into force from February 17, 2014 and stipulates that charges against the people having committed offenses…will be dropped.” Continue reading

Sandra Walter – Transcendence: Permanent Shift In Vibration – 19 February 2014

SandraWalterAs a prerequisite to this article, please review my definition of AscensionYou cannot be pressured into Ascension, because it must be a personal choice to raise one’s consciousness. Wayshowers set an example, provide intel, teach, and walk hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart with those dedicated to the Shift in Consciousness. Sometimes we run ahead so we can tell people what is down the road, or what is on the other side of an unopened door. Continue reading

DealBook – Morgan Stanley Chief Discloses Stock Gift – 19 February 2014



James P. Gorman, the chief executive of Morgan Stanley, gave away nearly $1 million worth of stock he owned in the bank last week.

Quote: Nearly all of the donated stock came from something called a “grantor retained annuity trust,” which is a tax-efficient vehicle from which people typically donate to charity or family. Mr. Gorman is left with 35,558 shares in the trust after last week’s transaction.

www.dealbook.nytimes.com/link to original  article

ZeroHedge – It Begins: Ukraine Army Given Power To Use Weapons On Civilians – Live Feed – 19 February 2014

ZeroHedgeJust as we warned earlier, the stealing of the weapons cache and labeling of the break-away region as having undertaken “terrorist acts” has led to the military getting involved:


Under the “anti-terrorist” operation, Ukraine is a close to civil war as it has been so far. As Martin Armstrong concludes: “there is no peaceful resolution” no matter how many sanctions and condemnations the West makes. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – ANH – Monsanto “Goes Organic” And Wins “Sustainability Award” – Right! – 19 February 2014

laura-of-the-rocksThanks for taking that 1984 Doublespeak just a bit too far! The following article has accomplished what months of my own warnings and alarm soundings have failed to do: convinced some locals that “sustainability” does not always mean what they assume it means. We need to peek “Behind the Green Mask,” and write our own definitions and protections, lest our “Sustainable City” and “Responsible Regionalism” usher in an entire fleet of Trojan Horses.

Monsanto “Goes Organic” and Wins “Sustainability Award” –Right!

This isn’t a spoof. In addition to this story, we’ll provide you with a round-up of GMO-related news, including why your neighbor may shortly be planting GMO grass right next to you. Action Alerts! Continue reading

CommonDreams – Lawsuit Launched To Protect Endangered Wildlife, Millions Of People From Oil Spills Along Hudson River – 19 February 2014

February 19, 2014
11:16 AM
CONTACT: Center for Biological Diversity
Mollie Matteson, (802) 318-1487

Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Wildlife, Millions of People From Oil Spills Along Hudson River Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – We – The Beacons of Light Sending Out Our Signal – Calling Others…- 19 February 2014

lisagawlas2I have decided that Hampton Roads, Virginia got hit with a massive Light bomb!!  Maybe other places too, but there for sure.  Not just because it is where my son lives, but also, where one of my guys on my calendar yesterday lives and the conversation and the flickering ability to see with the conversation that makes me say this.  But again, going in that divine alignment, my first clients name yesterday was/is Chrysaliss and in our conversation and my telling her that her name, her vibration now in my world is so very fitting as we move thru the unwrapping of ourSelfs in this new world.  Well she went on to say that her last name really means ocean.  Well, between yesterdays sharing talking about the fishies, I mean Pisces, as well as the song follow me, “swimming thru your veins like a fish in the sea” (lyric from that song) and Hamptons Roads is surrounded by ocean inlets.  The bigger picture really is showing itself. Continue reading