DerSpiegel – Deadly Protests In Kiev: European Leaders Call For Ukraine Sanctions – 19 February 2014

spiegelonline(Lucas: this is hilarious and sad also…the ones that have been pulling Ukraine into a government to their liking and helping riots come about as reported in the this and last weeks articles published on this blog, EU and USA are guilty of manipulating aswelll as Russia… So this call for sanctions is really wanting to pull the veil in front of your eyes again if you believing the crap that is reported in mainstream media about the situation. Yes it is sad to see yet another country deliberately pulled into devastation by the powers that were for their own interests and world domination schemes. Wake up!)

By in Kiev

Ukraine experienced some of the deadliest violence seen in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union on Tuesday, with at least 25 dead. European leaders say they will consider possible sanctions against the government in Kiev.

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