DutchNews – The Netherlands, Sweden, Britain Refuse To Sign Off EU 2012 Books – 19 February 2014

dutchnews-logo(Lucas : My view : You mean “cooking the books” or creatively filling the gaps of the books.  Of course that is difficult  with all that “so-called” transparency. There is no accountability only a big stage play of smoke screens for those poor ones still believing the system and their leaders. We forget of course the black book accounts  of the shadows…… They need also to be happy and fill their pockets behind the scenes. The crooked criminal system needs to stop. All what is going on now is part of the game of demise of the system that will not anymore be supported in the new… Change is coming! Wake up!)

The Netherlands, Britain and Sweden on Tuesday voted against approving the EU’s accounts for 2012 because of an increase in mis-spending.

Quote: The Netherlands voted against approving the books because there are still too many uncertainties about the accounts. The error rate has again risen – from 3.9% in 2011 to 4.8% in 2012.

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