Lisa Gawlas – We – The Beacons of Light Sending Out Our Signal – Calling Others…- 19 February 2014

lisagawlas2I have decided that Hampton Roads, Virginia got hit with a massive Light bomb!!  Maybe other places too, but there for sure.  Not just because it is where my son lives, but also, where one of my guys on my calendar yesterday lives and the conversation and the flickering ability to see with the conversation that makes me say this.  But again, going in that divine alignment, my first clients name yesterday was/is Chrysaliss and in our conversation and my telling her that her name, her vibration now in my world is so very fitting as we move thru the unwrapping of ourSelfs in this new world.  Well she went on to say that her last name really means ocean.  Well, between yesterdays sharing talking about the fishies, I mean Pisces, as well as the song follow me, “swimming thru your veins like a fish in the sea” (lyric from that song) and Hamptons Roads is surrounded by ocean inlets.  The bigger picture really is showing itself.

Now back to my guy, he had a dream a day or two ago that he shared with me.  I am going to encapsulate it since I don’t remember the whole thing, but he pretty much met his Pleiadian team, they invited him on one of their beamships to have a talk with him.  They told him he is Pleiadian, he told them he thought he was arcturian.  They said no, Pleiadian-Human.  As he was sharing the details, I suddenly could see him, his human body with this thick donut shaped golden energy just inches above his head.  I knew that that golden energy was his Pleiadian consciousness.  From there these three little strands of other energies, kinda golden/bronze in color streamed upwards.  I instantly knew these where his connections to other places, one being that arcturian connection.

With his connection I could also see this intense light that flooded the waters of Hampton Roads and the winds blowing it inland.  Which really helped me understand what is really happening with my youngest daughter, who also lives in that area, but unlike these two men in my world, it is serving to force her to clear her container, harshly!!  I have always said… spirit gets the job done when it is needed to be done, by hook or by crook!!

So for those feeling like they are going thru hell and those who are feeling like they are finally glimpsing heaven, both groups are getting hit with the same light tsunami!!

Here, in my little oasis in the desert, yesterday was like a massive Christmas day.  Holy understandings batman.  All morning long I kept hearing a signature line I had used way back in 2001, something that came out of me, but really didn’t fully understand what it meant until yesterday.  Like I said, I can be so slow on the uptake, even my stuff! lol

“I just love when an unsaid thing becomes said in a silent whisper.”  Notes from my future self (the me now) to my emerging self (the bumbling human that was me in 2001.)  That was talking about true telepathy.  Information packets, unsaid things, being received/said in the silent whisper.

No doubt, I was strapped down to my own silence so I could hear the silent whispers of my team.  And holy cow, did I get them, all morning, all afternoon long.  Christ-mas!!!

Thru the rescheduled conversations I had yesterday, plus the exchanges with my son personally and on facebook, I started contemplating the change.  What creates a sudden shift in someone.   With my son it was obvious.  January 1st of this year, he ended a two year business partnership that was great to start, then rapidly fell apart, as did the business as a whole.  As I was seeing the energy shift thru the un-entanglement of he and his now former business partner, my team shared this profound statement:

“The only person who can affectively change your life, is the person who has effectively changed their own.”  (please note: affectively is NOT a typo.)

As I was seeing this sentence come to life, in a way that was unmistakably understandable (which i will share in a moment) my ears were drawn to the TV playing in the background (occupying my lower mind):

“It’s not about saving people for you, it’s about finding people…” (from a commercial clip from the TV show “Criminal Minds.”)

Change is the only true constant in this game of life.  But so many people don’t change at all.  They surround themselves with the same frequency people and even when they may get activated to do something different, they don’t, they can’t, they have surrounded themselves with others who have no desire to change.  Often times then, the body steps up to create the need for change.  Even then, the only true change they allow is in the form of physical death.  Choices, ya know.

But then there is this crazy, radical group called Us.  The change seekers.  Seeking constantly to change ourselves.  Not the world, but ourselves within the world.  Because we know, if we change ourselves, we change the world around us.  To fully and effectively change our vibration, we must bump into those other people who are doing and have done the same.  Changed.  And changed again.

And I seen us like those airport beacons of light, constantly sending out a signal, a frequency to others who resonate to our personal frequency and desire change as well.  Even if neither party set out to change, the union itself does that.

Back in 1982, while I was at the Navy Medical in Hawaii going for a pregnancy visit, a man stopped me.  I never seen him before, or since and started talking to me about my moment, my pregnancy.  He asked me if I was married.  I told him no, but was going to marry (who I thought was) the father.  His single sentence, the frequency he emitted, changed my entire life.  He simply said “don’t make two mistakes out of one.”  I was shocked.  He turned and left, leaving my head spinning.  In that moment, I changed my mind about getting married.  I really didn’t want to, neither did the man I was going to marry.  We were simply going to do it because I was pregnant.  I was kinds sad that he thought my being pregnant was a mistake.  It wasn’t until I was in meditation going over my life did I fully see what he meant.  The guy I was going to marry, who I thought was the father, was not.  I was a little hussy back in those days…

If I was not already emitting that beacon of light that needed change, he would have never stopped me out of the clear blue and affect me like he did. I am eternally grateful to that very effective man.

We are constantly attracting and releasing people and events into and out of our lives.  Unless we have it dulled down by our surroundings and relationships.

Often times, especially now. we are in a catch and release program.  People come together, if they are both or all effectively changing as they go along, it will be a life long relationship.  But when one stops changing, they energies do all it can to spit them out of your frequency.  But man, we humans can be clingers, and the ones getting spit out, can get down right ugly about it.  This happens because, even if unconsciously, if they feel if they align with you, they will not have to do any of the work the change is demanding and can get a free ride on your skirt tails.  Ain’t happening and you end up in their drag, if you choose.

I have heard more times in these last few weeks than I have in the last two years, that someone that I am reading for really wants to save the world, the old world falling apart.   To do that, is to set yourself back on that earth and remember why you arrived on the new earth.  You will never tap into the new information hanging in the air by looking and striving backwards.  Build the new, find the people who resonate with the new frequency, come together with them, even if briefly, and start the change.

Speaking of change, I am seeing first hand, one of the biggest waves of change is happening thru our men!  For the last decade many of us women resigned to the fact we may end up alone or have to switch sexes if we want a partner.  Hallelujah, our men is coming out of the woodwork now, since January 2014.  I have had a 50% increase in virgin men upon my field and I didn’t even have to be a martyr to get them lol.  I have been doing readings since 2003 consistently.  In any given year I might have about 3 percent of my client load be men.  But now, holy heaven batman, they are seeking change, the beacon of craziness that is Us!!  And these precious, much needed men, Divine Masculine in body are affectively changing us women, even without realizing it.  So, THANK YOU!!

But actually, even as I look at it this morning, right now, it really does make sense.  The women had to take up the initial task of changing the emotional field of Life.  We are such very emotional creatures, by Divine Design.  We had to take the old energy and look it straight in the eye, devoid of fear once and for all, and move thru to the higher emotions of change.  Of Life.  So women, give yourself a HUGE hug, because our work has paid off.

In a way, we are now handing our mantel off to the men.  We cleared the field, they are the builders.  Their time is Now.

Please don’t take that to mean we can now sit back and watch.  Not even close.  As I am witnessing in my own body, their infusion in my world is really activating the long dormant left side of my brain.  The creator within is coming online.  Rapidly!!  And in the Divine exchange (there is always an exchange) our men are harnessing their emotional voice frequency with clarity.

The two becoming one.

We are leaning into each others beacon of light, changing each other quite rapidly now.  Pulling us back into our wholeness.

As I was opening package upon package of understandings yesterday, two things started to become very focused in my vision.  The first one is Zero point.  The point where nothing and everything is possible.  Every single day we hit that place at 11:59 pm (or 23:59 for those across the pond…smile) and come out at 12 am (24:00.)  In that one moment of time, yesterday no longer exists and today is still seconds away.  A choice point.

Then we have bigger ones, the last day of the month before we hit the first day of the next.  and bigger yet, the last day of the year before we hit the new year.  All massive choice points.  Our beacons of light either stay the same, get dulled down, or burn brighter in that split second (usually unconscious) choice point.

But lets focus on those who is swimming in the sea of change.  Us.  I was also shown the Fibonacci scale in relationship to the zero point:

finonacci scale

This is why so much is “quickening” within.  Our biology is rapidly changing, expanding while the energy around us is contracting.  To be indecisive is to be stuck in drag, which creates consequences of its own.

If you look where the 89 is, lets call that the old world, lets say we are presently at the 21 point, you would actually have to get out of your progress to move backwards, (referencing the saving the world mentioned above.)  Let’s also say you are in a partnership, be it job, love, friends, whatever that was at the 55 mark and really helped you to get to the 55 mark, but that other said (without speaking) this is as far as I go.  You have a choice, stay put and watch the show from there… or release yourself to be an ongoing part of the show.  Choice points we come to every single day.

Our beacons are blinking like crazy now, attracting those others to our worlds to open the codecs waiting to fire.  What we do with those firings is what either takes us further or keeps us in place.  Understanding is not enough, this is an action game.  Change is constant action.  Like my body has been doing since the new year, sometimes that action is deep inside.  If we do not allow for our inner expansion to fully take place, then we are just playing pinball and will always return to the plunger to do it again.

I have now gone into the voiceless zone enough times this year to see how incredibly important it is, not only to me, but to you too.  I have consistently come out able to see higher (in frequency) able to understand more quickly and see in ways I have never been able to see before.

I do want to add that our precious sun is equally doing its part.  This beautiful image is from yesterday and is the western limb.  Raw energy releasing, And today the same sight says:  CME IMPACT, GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A minor geomagnetic storm was already in progress on Feb. 19th when a CME struck Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 0200 UT.   We are being infused big time!!


On that note, I am exhausted.  I had zero sleep last night, not much coughing thank goodness, but still in the silent whisper end yet today.  All in massive preparation for the incoming waves of March!! (wink)

I cannot tell you how much I love and am soooo grateful for your Presence in my world, in my heart, you truly do change me, because you have changed You!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of love and silent whispers,

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