Lisa Gawlas – A Little Frequency Update With Adamantine Particles Included – 20 February 2014

lisagawlas2Can I just first say how much I love you and honor you and celebrate you… and I can go on and on and on.  How precious the facets of our radiant energy is when connected together and the pearls of wisdom and understanding that can only come thru from that infusion/connection.

As my 8am reading rolled around, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to read or not, hell I mean speak or not!! lol  But given the ability to see thru my first sharing today, I am not about to miss an opportunity to try!!

The first thing I noticed, I have less voice today than I had the last two days, thank god he is a really good listener, because I was not about to let that stop me!!  As I cranked it on out into the field, at first I was slightly baffled.  I could see an image way across the field near the deep west, it looked like a cross between a sundial and  a safe:

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There were no numbers, but there were these raised ticks and the sundial arm thingie and it was moving slowly, but surely.  A genuine timed release of intense energy, and what I am hearing spirit call: Adamantine Particles.  I just found a great article from Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael that explains what Adamantine Particles if you are not already familiar.

I suddenly got hit with the feeling that what we are seeing together is not personal to him, but in addition to what I just wrote about.  It really emphasizes the point I have come to realize so clearly now, there are some things i cannot see except thru you and gives us even more clarity thru it all.

What I really understand with this visual, we have been given another dose of time released energy, releasing super quick as we absorb it into our biology and field of life.  I am also understanding the dual-significance of the sundial, especially given what I just shared about the sun, it is where this rarefied energy is coming from, but the combination lock is our hearts.  The magnetic frequency of our hearts of allowing the change that WILL come with this, intense release.

Without having any audibleness to my voice today, I really had to reach down deep for some breath to allow him to hear what I am seeing.  Suddenly my own vision turned inward to the very bottom lobes of my lungs, that is where I was pulling from… way down deep.  But I also seen my most uncomfortable night last night too, which I now understand is where the particles were embedded and will eventually fill out the entirety of my lungs for easy use.

One would think (at least this one typing) that our breathe and our ability to see or hear the higher frequencies would have little to do with each other, but as I am understanding it now, it has everything to do with it.  Our breathe, oxygenates our blood, embeds these particles into the whole of our biology and every cell radiates the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light.   Our job, is to keep using it.  As we do, more comes in… and we shift again.

Just as i was getting excited, if not completely winded, from reading again… there is the long arm of spirit coming in from the north (future) and created an knob that represented an on/off switch and turned me off.  Pesky freakin spirit!!  What a tease!!   And yet, it so wonderfully exciting to know WE are an active part of spirit creating together.

For everyone going thru this biological craziness, know there is nothing wrong and everything is so incredibly right.  No healing needed, that will actually slow down the process.  Just surround yourself with love and know, the best is yet to come.

(Whisper, please let that “best” be March!! lol)

More (((HUGZ)))) to everyone with spoonfuls of Adamantine Particles to rev up your engine!!

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