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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 20 February 2014


I am here today to bring you some information about how all is lining up in your solar system to become one with each other in the energies of the planets being family members One and all. I am Hatonn, and I come this day in the tremendous amount of Love that you are sending out in display to the system that you have embraced as home in this universe. Continue reading

ExpandingURadio – Mission I’mPossible – Mission 2 – 20 February 2014



Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For The Week Of February 19th – 20 February 2014

Uploaded on 20 February 2014 by Tom Lescher It’s time to be honest about you and me,
Our relationship, its purpose, our destiny, Are we on the same path of self transformation, or lost in fear, lies, and stagnation? Wow, didn’t even really get to the Sun in Pisces joining Neptune! A beautiful time to be connecting with our hearts, the hearts of others, and the ysteries of life…. maybe a little on the dreamy, lazy side of life3 this weekend but you deserve it… dream away! And then come back to your partner and see about realizing those dreams together. I’m blessed to connect with the Mayan energy here and am thankful to Miguel Angel and http://www.casakin.org for inviting me here…. check ’em out! So Be It, So It Is, It Is Done….. In Lak’ech

ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 20 February 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Tyler Durden

  • Facebook CEO Raises Dealmaker Profile With $19 Billion Takeover (BBG)
  • WhatsApp’s Founder Goes From Food Stamps to Billionaire (BBG)
  • U.S. Feels Putin’s Sharp Elbows in Ukraine (WSJ)
  • PBOC Drains Cash as Overnight Rate Slides to Lowest in 10 Months (BBG)
  • Fed Puts Rate Increase on the Radar (Hilsenrath)
  • Banks Flouting Bonus Rules in Denmark Set to Be Named by FSA (BBG)
  • Work Set to Resume on Upgrading Panama Canal (WSJ)
  • Euro-Area Recovery Loses Pace as Manufacturing Weakens (BBG) – uh, what recovery?
  • Ukraine Exposes EU Policy Disarray (WSJ)
  • Diamonds and deals as Danone struggles for China bounce (Reuters)
  •  Singapore’s Soaring Land Prices ‘Suicidal’ for Developers (BBG) Continue reading

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 20 February 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you may have noticed, this ongoing intensifying of energetic upgrading is barely taking a pause these days, and so, you may be apt to think that this time, it will be too much for your hapless body. That is certainly not the case here, for if you manage to dive below that churning surface of energetic chaos, you will find that you are actually growing more resilient and balanced by the day. We know this may be cause for disbelief for many of you, for we are well aware that this round of energetic combustion will have lit a fire under the feet of many an issue that still lingers somewhere in your system. And yes, we do mean that as in issues stemming from earlier lives as well. For this is indeed the most thorough “housecleaning” you will ever have, and as such, this rattling of the cage will have the last few remnants of anything previously undiscovered rolling out from its hiding place. Continue reading

Uk Colum Live – 20 February 2014

Uploaded on 20 February 2014 by ukcolumn

Hyper Report – 140220 – Big C vs. Cancer – 20 February 2014

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TheIndependent- Britain Faces Food Poverty ‘National Crisis’ Because Of Government Welfare Reforms, Bishops Warn – 20 February 2014

The Indepedent

According to group of 27 Anglican church leaders, ‘punitive’ cutbacks leave too many people choosing between food and heating

By Adam Withnall

Quote: Failures in the benefits system and a “punitive” set of Government cutbacks to welfare have left Britain with a food poverty “national crisis”, according to a group of church leaders.

Read the full story at: www.independent.co.uk / link to original article

InvestmentWatchBlog – Banks Are Obsolete: The Entire Parasitic Sector Can Be Eliminated – 20 February 2014

InvestmentWatchBy Charles Hugh-SmithWhat else can we do with the $1.25 trillion we’ll save by eliminating these obsolete financial middleman parasites? A lot.Technology has leapfrogged the banking sector, rendering it as obsolete as buggy whips. So why are we devoting 9% of our economy to an obsolete parasite? Financial sector profits now total a staggering 4.5% of GDP (gross domestic product), while the expenses generated by financial churning account for another 4.5% of the economy.

Read the full story at: www.investmentwatchblog.com / link to original article

Steve Lendman – Destabilizing Venezuela Continues – 20 February 2014

StevelendmanA previous article discussed multiple Obama regime change fronts. His rogue agenda exceeds the worst of his predecessors.
He heads a homeland police state apparatus. He’s waging war on humanity. He’s ravaging one country after another.
He wants independent governments in Syria, Iran, Ukraine and Venezuela toppled. He’s got other targets in mind.
It’s hard keeping track of his lawlessness. He’s got multiple initiatives ongoing at the same time.