Protests Continue Over Use Of Shannon Airport In Ireland – 20 February 2014

Photo from Solidarity Movement (Ireland)
Photo from Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

When most people think about rendition or the Second Iraq War, they tend to focus on aggression and human rights abuses perpetrated by the United States or United Kingdom. But what about those lesser-known States who acted as their facilitators?

It’s a little-known fact that one of the most accommodating nations vis-à-vis rendition and the Second Iraq War is none other than the Republic of Ireland, which has allowed over a million US troops to pass through Shannon Airport (located on Ireland’s scenic west coast) on their way to war in Iraq. Similarly, the Irish government has refused to investigate so-called rendition flights landing at Shannon. These flights are conducted by intelligence agencies, often operating under the guise of a civilian shell company, and deliver kidnapped terror suspects to black sites in developing countries where they are – in an appalling re-run of Spanish Inquisition tactics – routinely tortured and mistreated in an attempt to obtain confessions and other information.

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