Lisa Gawlas – Frequency, Heart Strings And March!! – 21 February 2014

lisagawlas2I sat upon my holy toilet yesterday, remembering, with much frustration, the little sliver of a connection I had with my beloved architect yesterday (details shared in my 2nd, “little update” sharing yesterday) and I hear my team say with much excitement:  ”Wait til you see March.”  Hey!!  You teased me enough for one day, geez!!!  You cannot say that and not give me a glimpse (ohhh the Leo can still be demanding within!! lol)

What I understand this morning (thanx to a full nights sleep) is how important it is to understand what is happening now or March, the energy frequency that I call March, will simply not happen blindly.  Remember, this is a co-creative, conscious endeavor.  If we think of it like the progression of school, we cannot walk into a masters program without having at least a working knowledge of everything you learned in high school or college.  We would be lost.

So instead of showing me March, I spent the entire day yesterday, understanding, FEELING what is happening now.

That warm liquid energy that came into me the day before, spent most of the day yesterday coming back out in the form of tears.  An absolute overflow of love.  An assimilation that came with a full-scale visuals of what is really taking place in our biology and why.

The first thing that I became aware of, was this crazy picking at the upper left part of my skull.  I had been feeling it since the night prior and at first, I thought I had a bug in my hair and several times I was swatting my hair to get it out, but there was nothing there.  Well, no bugs!! lol  Before I get to that tho, I need to share that I have been invaded with spiders these last couple weeks.  Everywhere I looked, there was a (large) spider either chilling on my wall, running across my floor, crawling up on my couch, hell I even had one scurry across my keyboard as I was sharing one morning… if my own reality wasn’t getting invaded, I had the most vivid dream that 6 large albino spiders were on my blanket as I slept, and I woke up flinging my blanket all over the place trying to get them off.  Thank god, they only existed in the dream state.

New web of life.  I was really taking that more metaphorically than literally.  At least, until yesterday!

After I got done swatting my hair again with the same results as before…. nothing there, I seen it.  The threads of new life, of a whole new energy system connecting to my biology.  I pray I get this understanding completely clear.

The fabric of all life has on one ingredient in it.  Love.  The “fabric” of our creations can only be as pure as we are.  If we align with anything we see as negative, then we have added those ingredients into the purity of our fabric for our (re)creation.  In truth, we have always been co-creators, just not very conscious ones.  Let me give you some examples of what I am sharing there, this is too important to not really get.

There is at present, a lot of negative projections in what I am just going to refer to as the “old world.”  I have seen some who are so emotionally invested within themselves about how bad our monetary system is and bring those feelings into their creation with them.   That emotion is now part of the fabric of your creation and therefore you must recreate whatever you don’t like about it.  Our food system is another huge emotion for some.  The way people treat each other, another emotion.  Jobs, relationships, everything.  Anything you have an emotional adversity to, you cannot help but create and recreate for yourself.  Until you are free of the adverse emotions of anything.  Everything!  This is truly getting yourself to zero point.

With each (true) release of an adverse emotion in your field of creation, creates a whole new shift in your created world.  If you are done feeling the energy monetary system is unfair, then you are allowing the monetary system to come to you in a whole new way.  If you are done thinking the labor force is filled with greed and power, you are going to be amazed at what you have finally allowed to be presented to you in the fields of labor.  And relationships, holy cow the power so many people give away, which weakens the strength of your creative fabric.  Releasing anyone from your fabric of creation does not mean you stop loving them in any way, you have just freed the emotional energy that keeps the adverse front and center.  Often times, these (apparent) pesky relationships are really there for you to fully own your true love of and for yourSelf.  If you don’t “have the heart” to do that, well then, you keep recreating the energy to help your heart get stronger!! (wink)

The more you free yourself, the more your world changes.  The more your world changes the more you can see the incredible love that has always been there thru every avenue in creation, the more it becomes a real part of the fabric of your creation.  It all takes action from you and you alone.  Consistantly.

So, for the excitement of this moment, lets say you freed yourself of complaining, feeling left out, isolated, and infused yourself with excitement (even thru the hard moments) and calm, knowing, allowing.  Ohhhh the new spider webs of your creative heart are about to burst asunder!!

The fabric is now embedding itself to every like frequency.  Going back to my sharing a few days ago, the beacons of light are calling each other into the tapestry I lovingly and excitedly call Eden and/or Shambhala.

We have spent January and most of February being stripped of all the old fabric (if it was in our emotional fields to release, if not, you still have some releasing to do before you can be fully present. )  I have said in several sharings that we all got our own magnetosphere (cathedral) of creation, our personal ones.  What I realized now is we are being strung together in the vision I seen yesterday, the larger housing.  Amplifying it all.

The next thing I was seeing was the energy of my heart radiating out and upwards.  There is an absolute truth, I realized, to the saying “playing with my heart stringes.”  From the center of my body, stretching outwards left and right and upwards to the ceiling, were strings.  Frequencies, very much like the strings on a piano or harp or any other stringed instrument I suppose, but fanned outwards.  In the state I was in, witnessing, they were all at rest, at first.  Each string  translucent, milky color vibration.  Then I felt something that released more tears.  As I looked upwards to my ceiling I could see this light green colored geometric shape pink on of the strings near left center.  The moment I asked, what is that, I instantly seen someone reading my sharing yesterday and feeling with it.  That was someone or ones of you.  WOW you feel good!! lol  You really do rock my world!! lol

Then, I watched this particle of you seep into my string and make your way into my heart.  What I do understand today, this happens before we ever meet on the field of Light and is how I can see your soul, your light field the way I do, our frequency becomes one with each other.

OMG, this helps me (and I pray you as well) so much.  There are times, obviously many times now, when that frequency, that merger of light/heart energy is still unfolding in both of us (and these last few days, ALL of us,) hence the times we connect but have to reschedule.  But the shared voice when we talk is as important in the creation process with our merged light fields as the reading itself.  Even if it seems like nothing is said, it is the package of breath exchange that is important.

Keep in mind too, I am sharing my experiences and what I am understanding thru my and our connections, this is true for all of your connections in life.

Bringing me to the next thing I seen and understood (I was on a roll yesterday lol, couch bound, but a roll none the less!!)  Everything in our physical creation, starts and ends with our breath.  We inhale life energy, but only the life we are aligned with (going back to my first few paragraphs here) and exhale creation energy.  24/7

The sound (frequency not words so much) of life we listen to, is incredibly important as well, because it is part of your inhale.  Examples:

If you align yourself with people who complain and bitch and stuff, how do you hear the song of joy playing softly in the background?  Most can’t because of the squealing energy of complaining.  To me, that emits a sound like nails on a chalk board and is really unpleasant to my whole energy system and I gotta leave.   Equally tho,, when you are surrounded by the joyful song of life, you cannot even hear those huddled in complaint mode, they cannot reach your frequency at all.

This helps me really understand too, why in some readings when someone asks about a loved one or partner of whatever, I cannot even pick them up and some when I do, are drenched in crusty black energy and has an unpleasant ping back from them.

Now, when you surround yourself with others who sing the same song, filled with love and hope and allowance for all things, we attract more of that to us.  Just like seeing in my heart string yesterday, the like frequency draws itself in to that resonance.  Thru it, all becomes changed to house more of that frequency and expands.

It expands first thru our lungs, then thru the entire biological system (blood, organs, muscles) and then hits the brain waves and changes there, hence so many flipping headaches.  Growing pains!! If we have allowed the entirety of this assimilation of our expanded Beings in and thru each other, the heart magnetic’s amplify.

I watched thru my window of Self realization yesterday how much my own voice and my ability to see the way I see must meet the same frequency and only at the “right time” in our evolutionary story of Heaven on earth, the earth herself is very much at play in this story.  The way it is being explained to me at this moment, if we can look at each other as incredible fertilizer upon our earth, if we released a huge heap day after day, the soil would burn instead of enhance.  We are doing exactly that with the earth, with each other, with the whole of creation.  Each and every day, we are mixing up new quantities of this living fertilizer and even we are part of the timed release program!!  Yay??  lol

If this isn’t exciting enough, here is something even more exciting.  Getting to this very point in our creation, we had to breath in thru the lungs all the light, wisdom, change, etc to flood our biological Being, our bodies.  As we applied, released, took in more, we started to enliven the breath-ability of our hearts.

When we take in oxygen to our lungs, it circulates thru the heart, into distribute itself thru the arteries, bringing in fresh oxygen while the veils are pulling out the crud, what is no longer needed in our bodies, AKA waste.  However, now in this incredible place of Eden, all crud released before getting “Here” the intake thru the heart is instant.  There is no need to filter thru the lungs because our field is already doing that thru the element of our own clarity.  So actually, we are getting doubly infused, thru the breath and thru the “Immaculate” (<— word, not mine) heart of creation!!

What I find so incredibly interesting, even a bit exciting, is the lesson, clarity I just learned from my first connection of the day.  I have been “testing” my voice over and over again this morning and I was raspy, but audible consistently.  I might also mention I feel fabulous!!  That is, until I opened my mouth to say hello to her.  Not much more than a whisper.  I had to smile.  It really is all about frequency.  Just saying hello over and over to myself… who cares.  I use a very different frequency when we connect and just given where we are at right now, still must be tempered down.  For a change, I am not bitching, I am smiling (given all that I had seen yesterday and am attempting to share today.)

And she gave us all something to get excited about!!  There she and her husband were in the field of of west energy dancing waltz like to the edge of their near future (doorway to March) and whirls of yellow energy whipping up all around them as they danced together.  He in a brand new suit, she in the glory of full color spectrum.  I love the fact that she just had a dream where her husband was given a new suit.

With that, I realized something even more exciting.  The cathedral of creation is really looking like an igloo right now:


The East field, spring, new life, new creation…. is what March is all about!!!  Again, March being an energy frequency, not so much a month, but the month itself does coincide with the emergence of US.

Before I close for today, I want to come back to little mini sharing yesterday after seeing for that precious sliver of a moment.  The combination lock melded with the sun dial.

Ya know what, screw what I was just going to say, my son, thru a post on his facebook wall, just said it much more clearly than I did.  I swear he read what I wrote already.  DNA exchange in its full glory.

“There are very few things in this life that truly makes a person happy.

We have and rely on what you would call “triggers” for the emotion of “happy”. But those things are not creating the feeling of being happy.
Happiness is drawn from within.

You are literally the only person you can find happiness in. 
And in order to fully experience that emotion you must first find understanding and peace with your life both the good and bad up until this very moment.

Once your heart figures out how to accomplish this. You will not need to rely on triggers to create happiness inside of yourself. And if you pay very close attention you will find that the feeling of receiving happiness, is only experienced through the giving of the very same emotion. It will be worn on your body like a new shirt for everyone to see and also through your actions…

You wanna be happy?
Create it.
That’s all, just food for thought.”   Chris (Escobar) Parkhurst.

(whsiper, his reference to new shirt and my lady’s wonderful husband getting a new suit… love it!!)

((((HUGZ)))) of joy as we dance into March together!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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