RemovingTheShackles – The Community In Morocco: Traveling Living DOing – 21 February 2014

0e358-removing-the-shackles(Lucas : Just a thought came up when reading multiple articles the past weeks about groups and communities doing all sorts of things. Sometimes things are not at all what they seem, but that is for you to find out. Sometimes people take credit for things they did not instigate of do what old stuff, hey. It does not matter anymore as in the now the new paradigm is brought forward from your real intent to make change for all to happen.. I am sorry to see still people hide behind their personal or group interests and not get into individually working together on projects. Groupmind thinking or group pressure is not the way and building structures from old values, thoughts, patterns, dogmas, beliefs or even newly created ones are not working. If it is for the good of all humanity we can work together regardless being part of groups unless there are still self-interests and hidden agendas played out.. Be genuinely working as individuals towards change for all… humanity and the planet. )

Community Morocco:  Update!

Things are coming together very very quickly now and moving forward so fast it is becoming difficult to keep track of it all.

Brian and Justin have written an excellent update that covers most of the updates of the Community in Morocco and how we are moving forward.

As for my family’s update, we picked up our passports yesterday!  YAY!!!   and it only took 2 attempts, 3 sets of couriered documents, a few hundred dollars, and just about 7 weeks ……   But that’s behind us now, and NOW we move forward!!!

Read the full story at: / link to article

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