Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 399 – 22 February 2014

AishaNorthWe want to return to a topic that has been mentioned before, but that bears repeating as we usually say, and this time, it is the subject of time. Time is a subject that will keep popping up in our missives, and rightly so, as the whole concept of time and indeed the limitation you seem to think it has is indeed a subject that lies at the very core of this whole operation. You see, mankind’s idea of time as this linear stretch of events that slowly unfolds at a designated pace will also help to limit your ideas as to how and when a certain event may come about. For to you, things can only happen at the level of consciousness that you are able to witness. And so, you see strict limitations to everything as you seem to think that everything must adhere to these limitations that your idea of time sets up. For these limitations are indeed so basic to your whole idea of living, as you see how the clock starts to tick the moment – usually recorded for posterity – when you take your first breath and until that moment  – usually also recorded for posterity – when you take your last. And so, each life is a line in the sand if you will, starting at one point and running parallel to all the other lives or lines that exist simultaneously to yours, and so, you all share the same intrinsic idea of when a certain event took place as you can go back in your annals and look at the time and the date when it was recorded.

And so, when you think back or when you plan ahead, you always adhere to this same strict line of time with no exception, so to you, time is indeed a straight and narrow line stretching forwards and backwards into infinity. But still, it is indeed straight as a ruler with no deviation to it at all. And so to you, nothing that falls outside of this thin line can exist, for if it does not fit into your concept of time, it does not even enter into your mind. Why, you even use your measurement of time to define the “age” of the light that comes into your line of sight whenever you look up to the sky. For you define the distance to the twinkling pinpricks of light you see above you in the night sky in time also, as in when the light from that star started its journey towards you. And so, your concept of time stretches into every direction you can see, yet it also narrows everything into that same thin line.

For us, the concept of time is indeed a very different one indeed, and now, you have perhaps also started to sense that time as you know it is no longer the same to you either. For to us, time is indeed a malleable subject in every way, and to many of you, time has seemed to take on this same formability too. For many of you will have sensed that time is no longer that defined, steady rhythm, meted out by your clocks and as reliable as nothing else. Now, you will find that the very idea of “keeping time” will throw you off balance, and you will indeed have a hard time – pun intended – keeping track of it all. For if you try to go back and describe just what you were doing at any given time – a concept that normally is an easy one to take into your mind – you will perhaps lose track very fast if you try to put these events on to a defined timeline. For what used to come naturally to you does not do so any more, and you will see that this straight and clear cut line will become squiggly and fuzzy, it will seem to back up on itself, stretch out and compress like an accordion being played by a very unskilled musician. And so, things that may actually have taken place at two almost identical points in time may seem to grow wider and wider apart, while things that took place with perhaps several decades between them will seem to have taken place almost simultaneously. We know that you will all be able to report similar instances, so again, we are here to remind you that this is simply a sign of you breaking through more of the old barriers that have held you captive for such a long – yes – time.

For as you break free of the old bondage of linear time, you will also find yourself much freer in so many other aspects. For when the rest of humanity still try their best to keep marching to that same old beat from their clocks, you will become a time traveller in every sense of the word. For as you leave the old confines of linear time behind, you will begin to understand that there are so many new levels or dimensions to explore, dimensions that exist simultaneously with the old and single minded one you have experienced so far. And yes, we do use single minded with intent, as you have up until now been living your lives as if you simply existed within this strictly defined narrow line of time, the old way of living your life unrolling that single-laned band that stretches from birth to death for then to be abruptly cut off again. But now you will start to experience a multidimensional version of you, the one where there are no endings nor beginnings, but where it all comes together in endless cycles of bands of time, like a Moebius strip seemingly biting is own tail as it traverses in an endless quest for knowledge and experience. For now, you will see that this narrow band of a human life is nothing more than a simple little line in the sand, but from now on, you will be invited to explore the whole beach, and beyond.

For a human life is simply a narrow little furrow in the sand, and the visibility is very limited by these narrow walls defined by the timeline you have all been well trained to follow. But now, you see these walls crumbling before your very eyes, and you will begin to understand that time need not be looked upon as a sort of straitjacket anymore, and the idea that you might even “run out of time”will be cause for mirth, not for desperation and frustration. For running out of time is indeed something you are no longer capable of, for now time will be at your disposal, and not the other way around. For earlier, you have felt forced to live your life dictated by the clock, and so, you have watched as the seconds, minutes and hours have seemed to literally run out into the sand, for never to return. And if you did not take advantage of this exact “now” it would never return, and so it would be defined as “wasted time”. Well, there is no such thing as wasted time, and that is an idea you will soon find more true than what you can even begin to grasp now.

For time is, as we have told you earlier, something very malleable and indeed, it is something you can even have a conversation with. And when we say conversation, we mean as in an interaction. For remember, time will no longer be restricted to a defined set of compartments, each measuring the same, as in your concepts of seconds, minutes hours and so on. For these compartmentalized ideas of time is no longer the ones that will define your lives as you start to peek over that wall that separates humanity from the rest of Creation. For then, you will see that you will be able to step back and forth between these “compartments” very easily, and you will understand that moving between the different layers of this multidimensional “cake” of Creation will also send you back and forth between many different versions of this concept of “time”.

We think many of you will have a hard time following these words, but let us just sum it up by saying that the walls are falling away in every sense now, and one of the results of this will be felt in your inability to keep track of time. That is, in the human way of defining it. So know that even if you will feel more than a little bewildered from all of these seemingly unending versions of time lapses, peculiarities and paradoxes, they are simply a sign of you becoming untethered from this old thread of third dimensional restriction, and you will begin to learn to straddle the divide between then and now in a very different way than before. And with this untethering will also come a new form of balance, as you will begin to understand the concept of simultaneous bi-location, a concept that necessitates disconnecting from the old in every way, especially the sense of time.

So again we say, simply go with the flow, even when it seems to take you far beyond what your mind can comprehend. For it will not take you anywhere you are not meant to go, it will simply take you out of the known waters and inte the brand new, unexplored ones in ways that will help you to set yourself free from the old and dive all the way into the new. / link to original article

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