Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Virtual Leylines – 23 February 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs our lenses become sharper and clearer, all internal and external truths are questioned under the big bright light of inquiry. We have so many decades under our human belt, our Mission seems to sometimes fade a little every  sunrise. Some days we can’t remember who we are and what comes next in the grand design? Once proof was in the pudding, now the pudding needs to be gluten free, it is obvious we cannot digest what we use to. All the new virtual leylines have disrupted our pattern of remembrance as it was programmed into our DNA.

The very solar plexus of our humanness is wide open as we all walk forward into more dimensional shifts than we thought was possible.  We lean forward in the seat of our soul driving trying to see thru all the weather and human changes. We drift into un-chartered waters on an ocean of uncertainty.

As renewal increases in propulsion for the human race, movement forward is crucial. By standing still for any amount of time in thought and deed, one may be-submerged into the dimensional bog. The Universe demands movement and movement it will get (watch out…could be with a whip and a chair).

Life is chunky and contains more than in the past. Earth has changed, continually adjusting to her new position.  People are somewhat hardened as the new energies create tension in the body causing mysterious aches and pains.  We turn over to life’s demands finding ourselves in limbo, floating around our decisions and choices.  We want to escape and at the same time want to stop running. Heartstrings are played, wallets are drained, and emotions are unprocessed. In this upcoming grouping of time allow yourself to be what you are. Sunbath upon the shore but do not lose yourself in the big waves and changes of tide to come.

Change is demanding.  pushing and prodding everyone out of there comfort zone. This spring comes as you a like a young ram with new fuzzy horns. Life will be pushing you to make choices that are uncomfortable `and do not fit your true being.  These are life and soul choices.   Many will kick and scream, cursing the very Creator as you are pushed into very square holes.

These energies come to show you how to shift your consciousness into a place that is more workable with outer circumstances.  All that you have yearned for has always been under the surface of your overcast creation like a cloudy sky.  Many feel like giving up. For all has fallen short of its mark as of late.   hold on to what is near and dear to your heart.    Hold on just a little bit longer.  Do not toss your life by the wayside like a paper cup.  Fill your heart cup with your liquid dreams and what you know to be truth in your heart. / link to original article


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