Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 23 February 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as purpose. This quality is essential to have active in one’s qualities, for without it nothing can be created on this and other planes of existence. The universe operates on this quality of love at all times. Nothing is random or accidental, all is divinely orchestrated and set in motion, all that is at a variable is the free will that has been given to humanity here on Earth and that is what makes this planet so very interesting and sought after as a place in the universe to experience and become Master of.  When one uses this facet of love in their everyday existence, there is an element of divine order that flows in every endeavor and if one is attuned to their higher purpose and their higher aspects, this quality brings wonderful synchronicities of every positive and loving expectation. All that is required is provided to the one who has this quality at work within them.

So many people neglect to use this quality in their lives and that is one reason why they feel lost and ungrounded. What is required is a habitual overview of their lives, where they have been and where they wish to go in the future. Each person must have a clear plan and purpose of the direction they wish to go and set their intentions upon it. Each person should make a written plan of their intentions and desires for their short term and long term goals and regularly review these. These become the signposts along their path in life and if regularly attended, will see the fruition of all that they desire to accomplish and experience. Knowing that universal law is at work when they do this helps to actualize their intentions. The more clarity they have in their intentions the quicker the result. This is why it is most important that each person become clear of the lower tendencies and vibrations so that there are no blocks or interference from their subconscious mind and early childhood programming.

This quality is at work in all personal family relationships and when it is active, it brings all that the family as a unit desires to experience and express. The challenge at this time is for each person within the family unit to understand that they have been placed with each other for a specific reason and that those in their family are fulfilling a loving and higher purpose. The family unit is the greatest source of learning and understanding for each person, for here is where the greatest tests and trials of life take place. This is where each person learns more about themselves and the patterns they carry that needs to be worked on and cleared in a way that is conducive to their higher aspirations of living a good life filled with love, appreciation, respect and happiness. It is important to remember during any difficult times that the family must play a supportive and encouraging role as each member of it goes through their trials and testing times.

When one knows their purpose in life and follows a plan to make it manifest, life conspires to make it so. As people realize that they must work together in unity in a harmonious and loving manner, many seemingly impossible miracles are created. People go forward in their lives with this quality and accomplish their objectives and visions with greater ease and grace because they have a clear understanding and vision of this quality operating within them. It is the sense of this quality of love that propels them forward to attain mastery of all that comes before them. They do not let others deter them from the working of this quality in their personal lives and objectives, they see their purpose in life. The challenge for each is to accomplish their objectives in a loving and cooperative manner so that all within their sphere of influence benefit in a mutually loving way. This quality requires the engagement of all the other qualities of love and this is important to embrace.

As each person embraces this facet of love and employs the totality of all qualities of love, the collective family of humanity in the world benefits, for as each person overcomes the lower aspects of the old paradigm that never worked for them and focuses their attention of the concept of unity and cooperation with all others, much is accomplished that is for the highest good of all upon the planet. Every action one person takes has a greater effect upon the whole of the planet and humanity. When this quality of love is fully manifest within all individuals to a higher degree of intent, the workings of the world they live in will see a great improvement in all areas. It behooves all within the human family to practice this quality of love with clear intention and benevolent deeds. Each person must rise above the clamoring of the lower ego and follow their higher purpose in life. As each person succeeds in this endeavor, it raises the love quotient in the collective field of humanity and each person on Earth receives a boost in their spiritual aspirations to higher levels.

I leave you now knowing I have completed my purpose in this discourse.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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