Fran Zepeda – Lady Nada and Mother Mary: You Have Arrived at a New Pinnacle of Holding Love and Compassion and Grace Within You and Without You – 23 February 2014

Law Concentrated RoseLady Nada and Mother Mary: 

Greetings, Beloveds. We, Lady Nada and Mother Mary, come together today to express our deep love and abidance to all of Humanity and especially those of you who are ready to tune in and hear our deep message of Love.

Together we join our light signatures to complete a circle of divine Love and Compassion extended out to all of you. We hold it deep in our Hearts and share it willingly and freely with all who wish to accept it and ground it into their very Beings and to enhance their Hearts with pure Divine Love and Compassion.

You are ready to encompass Love and Compassion as a natural state of your Being, dear ones. You are holding it deeper and part and parcel of your very Being. We stand before you to mirror it and to enhance it and to validate it so you can, of your own free will and own power, be a source of it for others as well as yourselves. You are beginning to stand strong and are empowered with these elements in your own right, just the same as we hold them.

Your courage to step further out of duality and old ways of doing things is to be commended and is honored by all in the Spiritual and Galactic Realms. Your ability to stand strong within these qualities of Love and Compassion as a natural and inherent part of you is becoming more apparent and feeds the world daily and minute by minute.

No longer are you usurped by errant ways to the degree of before, as you followed the path of separation and duality. You are flowering amongst the new fresh growth of your development of your True Divine Selves and it is a beautiful sight to see. We feel your strength and we feel your power. You stand tall amongst us and are doing your individual parts to transform the world.

It used to be that you often felt that We of the Spiritual and Galactic Realms alone were the ones that had these special qualities of Love and Compassion and you were striving to develop them and striving to receive them from us. Now it is becoming so clear to you that these qualities were there within you all along in a very large degree, just dormant in some ways as to the magnitude you felt and showed and revealed and shared them.

It is not only your birthright but also your mission to feel entrenched in these qualities as a natural part of your every action and feeling. It is not separately that you call them up. They flow from you naturally like a beautiful stream of water cascading down a gorgeous and glistening and sparkling waterfall to join a larger stream and tributaries, naturally and powerfully flowing out to the sea of humanity. It cannot be stopped, nor would you want to, dear ones.

You are resplendent and glowing now in Love and Compassion as you allow these qualities to absorb every part of you, every cell in your body, filling up your massive space of energy all around you and out to all. It is not separate, but flowing and melding with others. It is “solid” in its flow; in other words, nothing can stop it, and nothing can diminish the flame of it growing and glowing within your Heart Center, building to a crescendo of unlimited  expansiveness, sharing with others, being a part of others and yet so unique in your apparent Stream of Light.

Through the days ahead, we encourage you to build this Center, allowing it to glow and grow more warmly and stronger, connecting to your Source-Point always. As you feed yourselves with Light, you become stronger and more resilient and more resistant to influences of doubt and negativity, of returning to old ways and of despair.

Hope illuminates within you and grows ever stronger now, dear sweet ones. It cannot be stopped. It is fed by your repeated experience of joyful warmth emanating within and without, as a result of your complete acceptance of the intense new energies blanketing and filling you daily. Accept them. If you feel a resistance or a pain in your heart as if you have pushed up against a wall, breathe more in, and allow the warmth and glow to penetrate the “wall” of resistance. Then breathe in the fresh new air of possibilities and Love that you have allowed yourself to encompass and accept.

And so dear ones, remember we are with you and you can call on us to encourage you to accept and BE the Glowing Golden Light of Love and Compassion and of Grace. You are getting a taste of what it is like to be sovereign in your abilities to Create and to BE Love and Compassion as your inherent identity, being in touch constantly with your inherent Divine Self.

We share our love freely with you as you share yours freely with yourselves and others. There is no limit to it and it is part and parcel of your true identity now. It is who you are and it is what you do. Bask and Bathe in it, dear ones, for you have arrived at a new pinnacle of holding Love and Compassion and Grace within you and without you.

Take this Truth in stride and live it, dear ones. You are magnificent and resplendent in your capacity to BE Love and Compassion through each moment, throughout all eternity.

We bid you farewell for now, but know you can access us constantly through your Heart and through the energy and Love of this message. We love you dearly and we thank you for your immense contribution to Gaia’s and the Universes’ sweet and powerful evolvement into the higher dimensions.

All our Love,

Mother Mary and Lady Nada

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