Lisa Gawlas – Ohhh The Energies!! Assimilate, Please Don’t Clear – 24 February 2014

lisagawlas2If I could label yesterday with two words, it would be chaos soup!  Thru every connection I didn’t know if I was coming or going or just plain old broken!!  Every time we get into a connection and one or more of my “antenna’s” aren’t working, I always assume its on me, because until this massive shift, it has been on me.  Well, yesterday schooled me in a whole new way… again!

My first lady on the field flooded my vision with various kinds of long stem flowers, super soft pink roses, white carnations and others I just couldn’t pick up in my vision but knew there where there too.  These flowers were weaving themselves in and out of top of her magnetosphere starting from the left (physical life side) as they got to the center, I couldn’t see them any longer.  But seeing doesn’t tell the story, it just helps to make it clearer in understanding.  I understand what I am seeing by what I feel in the visuals and the audio input from our team, both of which were completely missing.

So my lovely lady told me about what has been happening in her world, to see if it related.   She too has been going thru that numbing process in her hands and wrist, but also starting from the shoulder.  She has also been going thru healing sessions to help with it all.  I should have instantly realized the bigger picture when she said she keeps shaking her hands to release the energy and out of my mouth came, when do you stop release and start filling up with the new energy.  However, unless I feel even what I am saying… I just let the words roll.  I decided to just reschedule her since two of the three aspects of reading where not happening.  As I did, I could so clearly see this beautiful deep blue-violet tulip bud in the background at the west side of her magnetosphere.  Very different in energy contrast than the other ones.

It is only this morning and the contrasting of each connection after her, do I fully realize what happened with her yesterday.  She keeps clearing the higher energies that allows me to connect with the whole of her energy field.  I also understand (now) why her flowers were weaving only at the top and never made their way down into her personal world, again, clearing, but they keep growing back and she clears and they grow back!!

The pink roses, passion of life, gentle, loving, in bloom.  The white of carnation, pure, absorbing, fresh.

These new energies are not coming in like hugs, dammit.  As the new energies come in, they are already releasing the old, even the good old, and reforming our biological structure to house these intensities.  Because of our old programming, we immediately think, if it doesn’t feel good, we need to clear it.  So we keep clearing the new coming in and will come in again and again until we just allow it to create our new biological Being.

That tulip bud, the potential that awaits the full integration of the incoming energies.  Blue-violet, the voice of the ascended master.  But it cannot open and fully bloom without the integration of the flowers, of the other essences that will give life to that.

My next man on my field, geez I felt like I was whip-lashed with energy.  I couldn’t hold his frequency to save my life.  His imagery was flickering in and out so quickly I couldn’t even tell him what I was seeing.  But I did know the intensity I was feeling and realized it was him going thru a massive frequency ascent and he was playing hell on my antenna, not to mention my body.  I got an instant headache on the left side of my forehead.  This energy is coming into his life field, intensely.

We rescheduled!!  lol, even when I am able to perform I gotta reschedule cuz you are going thru the shift of the ages too.  I love it!!  I love you sooo much.

My third man on my precious field, OMG.  He was a hacking and snotting and raspy voice.  I can see me in you!!  lol.  But more than that, the intensity of the energy from him, I really didn’t even realize what I was feeling with him until, again, this morning.  The energies concentrating in his whole biology, as we attempted to talk, both listening closely to hear the other, these white balls of energy was bouncing around in front of my face, snot is not a bad thing, holy shit batman, or is that snotman??  lol  I so fully realize today it is the way your/our bodies are working out the high intensity energies laying its ground work within.  I rescheduled him too.. love ya babe, but you are rocking my world too intensely!!  lol

Ohhh a good two-hour breather before my next one.  With these three literally back to back to back, I was energetically exhausted!!  Not to mention, completely unsure if I am actually working well.  But my divine lady down under, gave us a broader picture of what is happening.

Her reading opened up with this half pipe of energy streaming into the back side (west side) of her cathedral of creation (AKA magnetosphere)


The energy flowing into her was a beautiful blue-black energy.  It was coming from above the Mesa, something from the upper atmosphere.  Then she told me of something that happened the other day.  She suddenly woke up and looked out the window, in the eastern sky (she is in australia) was this huge star, unlike any star she had seen.  Her husband got up and checked something or another to realize it was two planets so close together it looked like one giant star.  She asked if that could be related.  But of course.  Let me just reiterate, YOU know your story much better than I do, anything that triggers a memory or connection in whatever is coming thru a reading, is true and absolutely connected/relevant.

So what I did understand is she, and her entire inner created world is being infused with the living qualities of these two planets, energies that will facilitate her near future endeavors and will hold a key of what she is about to do in this beautiful new world of ours.

She had also asked me to take a look at her little girl.  She has been acting out, pulling hair, biting… ahhh 5 year olds!!  This precious little angel instantly showed up in her mothers light field, towards the left (physical life) and facing her center.  The only thing I could see was her spine and this silvery intense energy entangled around her vertebra’s from the lumbar up to the mid thorax.

I realized our young children are so aligned with this new earth of ours, they are fully connected to its energy source.  Their nervous system still growing into their own, sometimes needs a bit of our help to adjust the frequencies that are intensifying day by day.  This will also help adults too, as we are getting infused with the heavenly energies.

spinal erectors

Massaging the erector spinae (AKA the erectors) will greatly help to distribute bunched up energy.  If you feel the inner prompting to use an essential oil in the massage, please do so.  Trust your inner guidance.  The intention is to distribute the energy NOT to strip it.  Be gentle.

Seeing this ladies half pipe of planetary energy pouring into her world, I was instantly reminded of my starry moment with the Pleiadians a few nights ago.  We are being infused with some serious high consciousness energy.  Assimilate, please don’t clear.

This crazy day must have taken every ounce of energy I had to move thru, cuz by 2:30 pm, I couldn’t keep my peepers open.  Back to coma land I went until 4 am this morning (with occasional wakings to pee of course lol!)  Not to mention, until I actually fell asleep, my spine and the back of my pelvis hurt so flipping much and my legs felt like noodles.  Thank god for sleep!  The main artwork I used for this sharing, so spot on, incoming from the back, assimilation and flowing out the heart!

More than likely, I will not have a sharing out tomorrow.  I have a CT scan scheduled for the morning, they will be looking really close at my lungs and my larynx, just to rule out anything physical.  I am already turning the radioactive stuff into starlight infusions of Love.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creator energy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  To all my techie people out there, I want to share Bill Ballards video from the 22nd… Now is the time to come together to build the vision:

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