Sophia Love – Most Recent Update – 24 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Everything went out without huge incidents, drills are ceasing, and with them danger still present, unfortunately Ukraine now is in trouble, it is on a brink of a civil war, and possible separation of this country may take place. These protests are fueled again with the help of CIA’s money and U.S. government is already trying to put their own people within government of Ukraine (people that will go along with their plan that is). Here is intercepted phone call about Ukraine:
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And some sort of apology
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Actually, we never heard apology, EU is working for U.S. government on NWO agenda, so they are keeping this quiet. This riot was unplanned for CIA’s event, but whenever there is war, rumors of war, riots they are going there to take everything in their hands and under their control. Always looking for profits. Now protesters are receiving food, clothes, body armor and money. Everyone is receiving money for just being there. And overall methods again as You can see – destructive.

We were seeing problem with Ukraine since collapse of USSR, there is no unity among these people, mostly among younger generations and many are very easy to be manipulated by the lies of false democracy and false freedom unfortunately.. Many gave themselves to small satanic and nazis cults in Ukraine. Also government was very “passive”, it weren’t helping people, and poverty, unemployment, dissatisfaction rates were only increasing.

This collapse wasn’t surprise for us, as everything what was happening in that country was heading for a collapse. Now situation is that, that is east and south-east of Ukraine wish to preserve the Ukraine as it was (or even to unite with Russia) and western Ukraine want to be separated and join the European Union. Western Ukraine is predominant with People that are easy manipulated through mainstream media and as well majority are west oriented.

Ukraine is also a point of Balance, their flag, coat of arms of Ukraine contains same trident as in Iran’s flag and as well it is connected with One. On Ukraine’s flag it signifies holy Trinity and descending holy spirit and falcon. On Iran’s flag this symbol in the center is stylized word for Allah and above and below it written “Allah Akbar” 11 times each. But what makes these two points of Balance different is that Iran is fully devoted to “God” and Ukraine is having separate views on God.

So, long before this now had happened we knew that Ukraine will head to a breaking point, and knew that this point of Balance will be preserved after all of this. The points of Balance must only not be attacked by destroyers, which in this case are western bloc countries, or it will lead to a wider conflict. All of this is happening as it is supposed to like we are told, although it could have been without violence. And if Light Followers would intervene then this would not be happening at all.

Question from blog comments:
“This afternoon i was watching the Olympic Games in Soochi on TV and to my surprise i noticed chemtrails in the sky above the place where the games are being held.

To my knowledge, Putin, quite some time ago, got rid of the Zionists and other undesirables (service-to-self beings). That means those that have a stranglehold over the west but not over Russia

So why are there chemtrails in Russia ? It’s Russian territory and permission is needed for non-Russian aircraft to enter that territory !”

I can say for sure that the ones You saw were not chemtrails Good Friend. When planes are going to high altitude they are leaving traces of vapor from fuel, called contrail.
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And here.

This is happening in most cases, but we know the truth. U.S. and UK, along with chinese governments are abusing this and are using such “normal trails” to cover chemical biological agents within such trails. But as we know they are not doing this “on occasion”, this is happening on pretty rare cases. In these times these chemtrailing had reduced significantly, thanks to efforts of Light Followers.

Questions from blog comments:
what is ” Angel”,,,, this is in reference to nephilim, half angel-half human”

“Hi.I am always happy to know new information about humanity’s story and ET civilisations.You mentioned one time that the nephilim were the second experiment to be destroyed,can you tell us about the first one,please.Your informations are very appreciated”

Good Friends angel is just to add to word, these what these People were called by ancient People of the Earth. ETs were considered angels and gods in that time.

Yes, nephilims were destroyed by the great flood, great flood parallels can be found between many religions, religion by itself is a collection of history, science, evolution and understanding of Creation.
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This is the flood “myth” of hinduism:
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Modification number 4 which was very unstable as new genom was used, mutations, birth mutilations took place within these People, successful nephilims were having such big oval skulls as You can see there and some nephilims were two times bigger than normal People.

These nephilims spread around the World, they were meant to bring wisdom, prosperity and unity to Humanity, on the contrary, they made a decision to become like “gods” and “overthrow them if it will be necessary”, like it is happening now in western Ukraine. Although it was already considered to remove them lately, creators still gave the possibility for nephilims to change Humanity and show that they are successful experiment, but they didn’t show it as You understand. For that they were judged by creators. This all took place within some 1400 cycles, we don’t know precise dates yet.

Modification number 2 are indo european tribe and modification number 3 are asian tribe. Modification number 1 was proto tribe, it was the first modification to see how this mix of ingredients of this planet will fare with light original genom of optimal light-order oriented civilization of Galactic Federation of Light.

Before it was implemented the guess was that it will fail, and will have to be destroyed. And it happened so. When second modification was made, this first already was grappling everything under control and this new type of future Humanity, that came started to interact with the first one, the first were physically strong and didn’t wanted their females to interact with new males. They didn’t wanted to mix. But Light Followers wanted them to mix. Hate arose in (the) mind of this first modification. And started overall bullying of indo european tribe,

You can still see why the africans are not being loved by europeans, as they still bear leftover of that original “bullying” genome. Yet today’s africans are not the original proto modification, they are mixed type with indo european. Indians are too have this leftover, but in less quantities, as India was separated from Africa. There is no one left alive from first modification.

All of this was happening for thousands of cycles, much more than with nephilims case. And Light Followers decided to stop this first modification as it was becoming more and more unstable, it started completely eradicating the second modification.

So Light Followers used the forces of nature to stop them, by this time India was already removed from Africa and 3rd modification was made. They were never interfering directly with their high tech weaponry, but were using the control of nature elements to make these destruction. Asteroids, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes (they call this “non intervention”) reduced the numbers, until there was completely no one left from first original modification, as we know there were more of them than nephilims, counted in millions.

Always believe in what You think is right, this information is very tactical and direct information of Followers of Light’s manipulations of this experiment. So always use Your own discernment.

Right now pressure is high around the World and in financial World, Ukraine is on a brink of civil war, Syria is in civil war, Somali is in civil war, South China Sea has small pressure of conflict and Venezuela protests as well are being fueled by CIA as Venezuela is world 1st oil producing country. Financial world of anti-Creation is holding itself, yet it is on a brink of downfall, and world reset, revaluation of currencies may happen any time soon, when spring will come. Many bankers are dying from “suicides”, yet we know these are not suicides. Only “a spark” is needed for the next step of evolution. Good News are waiting ahead! By meditating and praying We may reduce the damage and casualties! Mutual Understanding, Mutual Harmony, Mutual Love, Mutual Prosperity are the keys in these meditations/praying. On our part we will make sure that damage in Ukraine and other World parts will be reduced and wider conflicts prevented.

I wanted also to ask, was the information about kabbalah helpful for You Good Friends? Did You understand it?

Much Peace, Love and Prosperity to Everyone!


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