Lisa Gawlas – From Our Friends From The Stars (And Beyond) To The Depths Of Our Lungs…- 25 February 2014

lisagawlas2There is so much I want to share, I am not even sure where to start.  I think I will just start with yesterdays illuminations and work my way backwards from there.

I only had one reading scheduled because a CT scan appointment that took me out of my regularly scheduled day.  I really wanted to head to my appointment filled with the multifaceted light of us, but my team had other plans.  My antenna was blocked or maybe, subdued.  I told her it was like going to the movies before the show started and looking at a darkened screen.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the film rolling.  So we talked more.  She had already told me of her weekend adventure going to the ocean and watching the dolphins swim and play for her viewing deLight before we started the reading, plus she had emailed me one of the porpoises she was able to capture on camera too.

We talked a bit about my voice, it is coming on-line again, even if I sound like micky mouse, you don’t have to strain so hard to hear me.  We talked about my CT scan, and about other things, then, I am not even sure what triggered the conversation back to the dolphins, but the moment she started talking about them, her field lit up and I could see her cathedral of creation filled with light and suddenly dolphins emerging from what appears to be the ground outside of her left and right aspects of her cathedral, doing their dolphin jumps into her cathedral and moving one by one into the core of her center.  There were aligned, one by one and in constant motion into her core.  I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from, there was no water anywhere in the field of vision.  I backed up my vision to see the larger angle, they were coming from the heart of gaia, deep beneath the earth, as they made their way to her outer field of creation, they literally formed a heart shape as they jumped playfully into her core.

I told her yesterday while we were witnessing this beautiful and amazing dance with her sea friends, they showed up because you were talking about them.  I realize this morning, its even more than that.  She had a deep emotional connection to their dance over the weekend, so when she was talking about them, that frequency of love filled her field of life that I read from.  Her sea friends came back in that moment of loving connection to show her exactly what they were doing in their sacred dance over the weekend.

But we went even further.  There are two sea creatures that we already know how the song of our DNA within their bodies, dolphins and whales.  What I didn’t realize until yesterday, thanx to the communication that was coming from these precious creatures was the dolphin holds the magnetic frequency of the DNA where as whales holds the light of expansion.

We also talked about our words, what happens when we actually talk loud.  It really is am amplification of your creator abilities, when said with any emotion.  I could see it as if the string of words were like a pebble, they landed in the sea of her (our) creation and created the reverse ripple effect, drawing into her creation the energy she expressed out loud.

This really gives weight to what I have been saying (and now I so see its truth in vivid color creation) when we are together, I see what you soul wants you to be aware of first and foremost, but often times, your questions take us into other places I don’t know to look at.  But it is so much more than that I realize today, because some questions go no where.  It is the pure emotion of the question that allows the details to be seen.  However, if you are really not that emotionally invested in what you are asking, I see nothing.  This is true not only for our readings, but your life in every aspect.

This whole conversation and amazing illumination was about to hit a high note later in my day.

Yesterday was my sons 31st birthday.  I started my day by singing love songs on facebook for him, then sent him a text with more love songs, then headed to my CT scan appointment.  When I arrived back home, I called him to wish him happy birthday and got his answering machine instead.  I decided to leave him a song message (I never leave him voice messages) on his answering machine.  Man, singing happy birthday when you are still tweaking the lung use and the audio-ness of a changing voice… takes a lot of deep breaths!!  Really deep breaths to do a single run of “happy birthday to you” when I took that second, even deeper breath to sing the second “happy birthday to you” I didn’t even get halfway thru the words and I burst out crying.  What the hell?  I couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my heart.  I stopped the song and told Chris’ machine I had to go, I was leaking.  lol

I hung up my phone, got control of my crazy self, and stepped back to understand what just happened.  THIS is too important not to detail and fully understand…

The first set of “happy birthday to you” I was simply singing for the sake of singing, when I reached down for that second breath to release the second run of “happy birthday to you” I reached deep into the bottom of my lungs where those Adamantine Particles reside.  Pure love energy.  When you grab a mouthful of those particles and bring them up thru your lungs with feeling… within my moment, I was right back at my son’s birth in feeling, in gratitude and my whole body became fully charged with that love and the overflow valve that is our tears, went wild.

THIS is our creative force.  Our life force creating and expressing life.  What we line our life’s airways with, is what we create for our selves.

Think about this intensity the next time someone tries to pull you into a negative space, arguments, yelling negative feelings about… life is reflecting back to you the very energy you put out into it.  The catalyst does not matter.  What you feel in any given moment, does.

Now let me back up to the lady down under I mentioned in my last sharing, the one who woke up to see two planets emitting as one star.  She sent me an email last evening telling me it was only one star, Venus that was in the pre-dawn sky and I had to smile.  That was the very same star my Pleiadian friends aligned with that night I woke up to see that bright star in my upper left window.  I had a feeling it was the same thing when she and I were together.  However, I know I could be wrong and when she talked about two planets sitting next to each other, that could have been the stream of energy I was feeling.  I leave astrology to those who know it best, the astrologers.  So I really do not know what any given planet is energetically… except maybe Venus.  Our bright star of Love.  Our Pleiadian friends, our friends helping us assimilate the creator powers of Love.

Let’s talk a moment about all of our friends from the stars and beyond… because they were showing up the day before yesterday in two of the five readings I had.  That’s huge!!

My first lady where the ET energy was making itself known was shown as three invisible ships.  I personally could not see the ships at all, but I could see the fuzzy gold energy being emitted from the disk shape that aligned on her field in the deeper west aspect.  There were distinctly three ships, one holding very steady on her left side (physical life) and then two that created movement.  First they were aligned together almost as if one ship directly over her center horizon, then one of the ships would uncouple, move to the right a bit, then come back to center.  They did this over and over again.

I realized that the one holding steady on her left side was allowing the assimilation to fully unfold in her physical life, while the other two were sending her energy both thru her center as well as seeding her near future path with their energy.

I was also made very aware that they clocked their spaceships so I did not take in any more energy than I needed, what they were doing and showing was for her and her alone.  Can I just say…. THANK YOU for looking out for my poor biology and stretched to the max consciousness! lol

I also may add, that the two in movement were not from the same planetary system as the one holding the energy steady.

If I didn’t get enough ET joy from her, my very next man was there to put some cherries on my baked cake!!

The first thing I had seen was what looked like a black orb on the outer left side of his magnetosphere, it moved from the bottom left, up to the top center, back down to the left and repeated over and over again.  It was not completely orb shaped, more like egg-shaped that was rounded perfectly.  As I looked closer at this thing moving about, I realized it looked like it was antiqued.  Ya know in art class when you take Indian ink and make something look older than it is… kinda like that, inky.  In bits and places I could see this gold energy thru the inkiness, and it had a feeling of symbols or hieroglyphs that was peeking out.  The more i kept looking they finally released me from trying, lol, they said they have their frequencies inked out on purpose, so I do not get overloaded with their energies.  I am so glad your friends from the stars have mercy on this chick breathing you and your friends into vision!!

They also said they are not from any known star system we are aware of, yet.  Until now, they have only been able to be out there looking in due to the intense density that was earth.  Not any longer!!  And yet, it is my man in the field whose responsibility is to assimilate their energy, their communication system NOW, to align the energetic field for their meet and greet on earth.

Then my man asked if I could see who or what is inside.  Gotta love a good stretch of my antenna and a cooperative entity(s).  Three distinct Beings where in there.  Their ship or orb or whatever they call it was sizable smaller than my lady before him.  They said this is their personal vessel to travel in.  I could only see them very much like stick figures made of light.  They said one of them is his soul consciousness that is incarnated where they are from.  His job is to connect more fully with that aspect of himself… and align.

If I didn’t already feel like I have stepped into the deep end of the ET pool of connections, a beautiful friend gifted me a book called “The Arcturian Anthology” by Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion, which I took with me yesterday on my CT scan journey.  Something to read while i waited.

The incredible efficiency that is UNM Cancer Center didn’t get me out of the “introduction” part of this book, and yet, it was what was needed to affirm what has been shared these last few readings, communications from our friends and alleys from the Stars (and beyond.)  I so wish I had a high-lighter with me, so I can share all the pings and zings I got from some of his sharings of his first encounter with his arcturian friend, but let me share the biggest zing that happened as he was sharing his experience of the first time he was brought aboard their ship.

“My Arcturian host gestured for me to sit at an empty table.  He then walked over to a counter and retrieved a cup from some type of devise.

“Drink it” He said, “It will help stabilize your energy field.”

“….if you don’t intake something of the same vibration rate as this vessel, you will not be able to remain here for long.”

Drink my beautiful friends, YOU are now the cup that will stabilize their energy field for the bigger story.  On that note, my day begins.

With boundless (((HUGZ)))) of such incredible excitement and gratitude to allowing me the blessing of connecting and SEEing You (and your friends) in full Light and Joy!!  Thank you so much!!

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