John Ward – Professional Troll Manipulation: Today’s Example At The Slog – 25 February 2014

trollptnetThere’s been a lot flying round the internet today about deliberate site manipulation. Mainly this has come from Zero Hedge, whose piece today announcing ‘Guess what: it was all true” does suggest to me that in some areas, ZH remains several beats behind the bandleader. Trolls on econo-political and investment sites are a fact of life, and have been for over two years at least.

After my last piece on sad DJ gropers not being paedophiles on the whole, this new entry popped into my Comments moderation area. It purported to be from a person called Holly Dewinter, and this is what the lady had to say:

‘Rapacious groupies’? Seriously? I didn’t think slut-shaming was your bag, John. Let’s put down the ‘but surely some of them were asking for it, them and their go-go boots and spanlastgly short skirts’ just a moment and look at the psychological and emotional damage these fully grown sociopathic adult men do to these kids. This is why it’s illegal, regardless how these girls came to be hanging out unchaperoned while wearing all that lipstick. GYAC, that is the very definition of why they were vulnerable. You want to agree with their predators that they were handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards simply by how much nudge-nudgery-wink-winkery there was about what they were wearing? Suit yourself then. But please don’t call this media smokescreen a “witch hunt”. That’s chasing shadows that aren’t there. Child rapists and sexual psychopaths, on the other hand, walk amongst us in their millions.’

Now as you know my policy these days is not to get dragged into comment thread headbanging, so I took the trouble to write this discreet reply by email:

Dear Holly
Why extrapolate such an enormous amount of misogyny on my part from one observation?
This used to be unchivalrous, but I’ll ask anyway: how old are you?
I ask this because you could not have been anywhere near the rock scene after around 1964 without noticing the crazed eyes. Groupies were utterly rapacious.
However, out of every rock concert/festival housing say 10,000 people, maybe 50-100 were groupies. In short, under 1%. But it’s still a lot more groupies than rock stars. Ergo, rock stars got to fuck around brainlessly.
Rewrite history by all means, but it won’t stop these ladies from having existed. They’re still around, by the way.

Read  more anthropology. Power, status and fame are raging aphrodisiacs I’m afraid. I say “afraid” because there are many faults in the human wiring and this is one of them. Wanting the power and money doth not a vulnerable person make. It all depends on one’s point of view.“Child rapists and sexual psychopaths, on the other hand, walk amongst us in their millions” you say. Again, I’m sorry but the stats suggest you are miles out. Psychopaths of the genuine breed are about 1 in 1300, and sexual psychopaths incredibly rare. If you read my two pieces on paedophilia today, you should be able to work out that – as some women are attracted to power – power attracts bullies who abuse it in the shape of genuinely psychotic and disgusting abuse. And a few idiots on the Left were convinced during the 70s that paedophilia was “part of the rainbow of sexual experience”. Go figure.

In my career I have interviewed around a dozen genuine paedophiles. Their altered mind state is beyond creepy. In the end – if allowed to – they turn into Ian Brady.
Every day in one way or another, I put my arse on the line to tell the uncomfortable truth. I make myself unpopular with the political Establishment by naming names, and I enrage the feminist Establishment by refusing to believe that a few sad DJs are in any way paedophiliac or representative of what paedophilia is.
According to the NSPCC, just over 83% of all paedo abuse stays within the family. And according to the police, the overwhelmingly biggest obstacle is wives who deny it’s happening, and lie for the husband if Plod gets involved. How many women who suffered paternal or fraternal abuse as children have you interviewed?
It’s a funny thing. Men complain about some women being princesses, and women complain that men are lazy round the house. But the truth is that princesses are created by indulgent Dads, and slobs are created by indulgent Mums.
Now if after reading this you still want to force-fit me into the hole marked ‘typical bloke’, feel free. You “didn’t think” that “but surely some of them were asking for it, them and their go-go boots and spangly short skirts” was my bag, and you know what? You were dead right.


Now, I pressed the send button, and guess what? The email address doesn’t exist. So she (he?) is banned now on that basis alone…for the simple reason that nine times out of ten, that’s a sign of professional trolling.

The email address was rejected by the server on this basis:
’554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account (’.

There is a Holly Dewinter – she lives in Ontario and she is indeed a designer….of jewellery. None of her contact details make any mention of cosine design, because cosine design is a generic maths term for filtering computer data. Nice sense of irony there.

The comment didn’t come in until after the two highly controversial posts I put up today. So somebody with indepth techie knowledge and a macabre sense of humour came to The Slog today…in the hope of positioning me as a pro-male rape apologist. Had she made it through to the main comment section, no doubt some people would have nodded at ‘her’ knee-jerk mantra about sexual irresponsibility, and taken me off their Christmas Card lists.

This is nothing knew. It is precisely what the Labour knitting coven did to me in 2009 following my pieces suggesting that Gordon Brown’s mental health and eyesight were not all they might be. Lord Mandelson found a Nazi living in Kent called John M. Ward, and his little army of trollipoos plastered this false ID for me all across the web. As with most despicable ideas, Fondlebum was in the vanguard of creation. It destroyed my site notbornyesterday, and forced me to start all over again.

In 2014, such activity is commonplace. After four years of weeding them out, these days I can spot 90% of the buggers from a mile off. But the practitioners are becoming increasingly smart and cunning…as was today’s little ruse: it certainly fooled me.

It’s also getting nastier. I’ve been banned six times by Twitter now. It isn’t Twitter’s fault – it’s just that Twitter can’t tell a vexatiously pernicious orchestrated complaint from a genuine one…and you would be amazed how easy it is to get the Truth taken down from Twitter.

To quote from the Zero Hedge piece today,

‘…paid government plants infiltrate websites, social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations.’

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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