Lucas – Chasing Dreams Or Being In The NOW – 27 February 2014 situation for lots of us is frustrating, as some people feel there is no progress or they still see the same happening over and over. The ongoing process of balancing out everything in neutral is still going on.  It is though necessary to still focus on what can be done.  Spiritual ignorance of separating yourself from the NOW moment where all is just in constant change is not gonna work for you if that means not wanting to see things are just facts in this moment and part of all that is interconnected.  All being One is lots of times heard and I say it often also but the reality is NOW and becoming One is an ongoing process of unification. By losing polarties or integrating them into the neutral we are able eventually all to cope with it in a conflictless state of being.

Oneness is not a separate state of being… it implies we all need to be in that state to be one.  Just saying to yourself I am one with all thus I can skip reality of the now is not working. It is fooling yourself and not seeing you are going through a process and all others going through their process too.   It means the NOW is still manifesting things in a context not in an empty void. Dreaming the dream is nice but coming back to the reality of the NOW is also needed to make things really manifest and change.  We are only changing in acting and doing  and in that we are also all connected to what others still do and act out if you like it or not.

I will not create a dream world to live in that has no bearing with reality. I can change reality in dreaming a new reality and making it myself happen by being a living example and or by doing it and make it happen.  The Being all as One will not come about by forgetting we came from a duality reality and now are in a transitional phase to get all back into the balance. Whatever your choice is, just take notice of what I said.  I am here to show a way. Your way is your choice. I like to see things change and come into that conflictless neutral balanced space where all can BE One in full.  This is still an ongoing process.

Whatever you choose we all are in it. Ignored or not!

Love and Light,


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