Lucas – I AM That I Am – The Story Of Being – 27 February 2014


I AM I said loud as I was not heard and I felt like being in a sound proof room.

I AM I shouted again in the midst of feeling the words resonate within.

I AM I screamed and I felt the energy of my deepest core chiming all of me like a bell.

I AM I softly spoke the words that I only could hear in my  inner me.

I AM that I AM.

The truth was the story of BEing and becoming THAT I AM that I am.

It was the story of resonating the inner self to be ME and what I was in my

deepest connection to source.

I AM was nurturing me

I AM was flowing in me.

I AM was showing  all that is ME


The story of being me was about being all as it is,  being the left and right, the dark and the light, the One that united from polarities in center.

I AM whole


Love and Light,


(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

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