RemovingTheShackles – Three Degrees Out Of Phase: BE The WAVE – 28 February 2014

0e358-removing-the-shacklesI don’t know if it is because I read so many articles these days that perhaps I’ve become a bit numb, but there is a rarity to those moments when I read something that really hits me and brings a verbal “WOW!” out of my mouth….


All things have their own measurable frequency, including ourselves.  We automatically gravitate to the frequencies that we are most comfortable with, guided by our internal oscilloscope which tells us, consciously or unconsciously,what resonates with our frequency.

If you’ve ever been around a drunken kazoo player or attended your nephews grade one class’s violin concert, then you understand the physical attributes of dissonance.  As you sit there, with a smile plastered on your face you realize that your skin is trying to jump off your skeleton in prickly sections, your hair is making an effort to crawl off your cranium and your teeth begin to itch.

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