Lisa Gawlas – From Nuclear Fusion That Ended February To The Wobble That Begins March!! – 2 March 2014

lisagawlas2Given all the information and understandings that came thru from February 25th thru the 27th, I was not all that surprised when I poked my antenna out into the field on the 28th and could not see anything.  I am equally grateful that that was the only antenna taken off-line by my team, because as I was searching around for the energy that would turn light into vision, I heard my precious lady’s team say, no seeing today, this is a day of “fusion.”  The energy spirit wrapped around the word “fusion” was intense.  I went to handy-dandy google to understand what they really mean by “fusion.”  Thank you wikipedia, the explanation made total sense:

Nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a very high speed and join to form a new type of atomic nucleus. During this process, matter is not conserved because some of the mass of the fusing nuclei is converted to photons (energy). Fusion is the process that powers active or “main sequence” stars.

In our case, it would be the collision of the spiritual body with the physical body forming a new type of atomic nucleus…. US!!  March 1st couldn’t arrive fast enough for my nosy spiritual self!!

Just waking up out of sleep yesterday morning different.  It was as if I had two camera’s sitting on my chest and I was viewing both things at once.  One of the viewing screens was my oldest daughter whom I have not spoken to since my diagnosis of cancer back in October of 2012, not for the lack of trying, but her anger and judgement is like sticking your hand in fire and pulling it back with massive blisters on it.  Not my cup of pain!  But my viewing screen was back to a time when it wasn’t like that.  It was when she visited me here in New Mexico, fun and loving.

While I was straddling that screen, I was also straddling another one playing at the same time.  Two clients, a husband and wife who recently moved to the USA from another country.  I seen them life ants, constantly in motion to serve the queen, never taking their eye off the task at hand… service to the queen.  In this viewing screen, my conversation was with the wife while the focus was on her husband.

What a strange and intense way to wake up!!  My bladder was louder than the dual images unfolding on the screen on my chest, so I got up and started to process.  I popped an email to my clients explaining what I had just experienced.  I thought about the USA and what the queen of energy is here… money.  But I wasn’t sure that is what it was referring to with them, until she wrote back.  Their work has them totally engulfed within their lives.  To the point, they do not even have the time to make for their sessions and we changed it to email readings (something I have not done in a good many years.)

I started to wonder what the readings are going to be like this day.  I so wanted the party zone to unfold!!  I also kept remembering what came thru one of the readings this past week.  Spirit said the first several days of March is going to create a “wobble” in the field.  What could that possible mean/represent for us??

I think I really understood after my first connection of the day, given my two viewing screens I woke up with.

The first thing I could see thru my lady on the field, were all these figures marching into her newly heightened magnetosphere.  People and places, even thoughts and idea’s from her past, moving into her magnetosphere, circling around from the south entry (past) to the east to the north (present and future energy.)

Free will still reigns!!  What I do understand, especially this morning, all of these “old” energies and ways of life will be amplified as well, creating perfect storms and earthquakes to finally recognize it and free it once and for all.  During this “wobble time” however, we can free any aspect of chaotic relationships, thoughts, alignments that can and will block your own light of True Self from you.  Even with those who have thrown themselves into constant work, I hear clearly “All work and no play…” of course it trails off.  Pesky spirit!!

On the other side of the spectrum…

My second lady came thru with such intensity, exactly what I was hoping to experience with March’s big focus.  The moment we connected, I heard a clip of a song while the energy came down with something that really looked like Thor’s Hammer.  The song was “it’s like thunder, and lightning, the way you love me is….”  (the song stopped their.)  As the hammer made contact with the top of her magnetosphere, cathedral of creation, the billowing energy of brilliant red and blue released itself like intense flames licking upwards.

I was able to move my vision into her cathedral of creation and seen her sitting on a chair in her center, looking very contemplative with her eyes trained forward.  I could so relate to the feeling I was getting from her, knowing we have arrived Here and having very little clue what to do with Here Now!! lol  I even told her, move over, I will sit with you a while! lol

Her biggest question in her contemplative moments was about abundance.  She keeps feeling like she sabotages abundance for herself.  First of all, I could not even come close to picking up any sort of lack of abundance in her energy field, until a tiny light bulb went on in what she was really talking about… Money.

Our (human) version of abundance and spirits true feeling/gifting of abundance not a money thing.  In spirits eyes, abundance is love, support, being cared for and provided for in each day.  Money is only a tiny element in their gift of abundance, enough to be cared for and to care for others with.

So, just to be clear here, if you need or desire more money, ask for more money.  Cuz if you ask for abundance, you will get it, usually in the form of a lot of smaller things that create an abundant day/life… less about money, all about more ways to feel and express love!!

Suddenly as she and I were talking, I was completely distracted by a bird I had never heard before out in the field, my back yard.  It was so loud and so consistent in its cawing I could not take my ears off of it.  I never heard this bird before, so I went a looking.  In the deep east field (new beginnings) and to the right/north (near future) were these 3 massive birds all talking to each other in the neighbors tree.  Turkey Vultures.  Stunning and loud!!  We looked up turkey vultures and what they mean to her and it was exactly what she first started talking about when we said hello.  These precious and insistent birds are her alley’s (beyond a totem) into her new world of experiencing life.  Once we ended out connection, the birds flew away and have not returned.  They flew here for her!!  I love when that happens!!  Our incredible, conscious, co-creative universe!!

My next lady on the field, we actually got so look into the realm beyond today… our upcoming near future.  I was sooooooooo excited to see energy outside of the magnetosphere, giving her a heads up about how important an upcoming meeting she has scheduled with a couple other ladies is to her future.  I could see a white energetic line moved deep into her physical life aspect in her near future, a meeting that showed three women together and how much it will effect her future movements.  What no one would tell us, because they (spirit) do not know, is the outcome and affect it will have.  But the string of energy moved back to her center and connected to the spring equinox.  OMG I didn’t even get this yesterday… lol, I can be so slow on the uptake sometimes… a lot of times!!  I could see her center path and the line of energy from this meeting intersect further out in her timeline.  Time has no sense to it any longer, not like in did in the years prior.  I could see her on a pole with a tightly wound spring that was attached to her back.  Depending on what she chooses to do with the energy of this meeting, that spring will release itself and fling her forward into her future bliss!!

Haha…. spring forward.  Spring… equinox… we change our clocks around there too and our time literally springs forward by an hour.  Hmmmmm… they were showing me the timeline all along, then finally gave up cuz I didn’t get it, and told me outright they were showing the energy around the spring equinox.

This morning, i realize, we ALL have this incredible potential to spring forward with such a force, depending on what we do now to align ourselves with it.

I was so excited to see all this and what we have laying ahead of us in this month, even without any real details, the energy is so exciting!!  And then she asked a question, and her energy changed on a dime.  Like so many of us, we have taken on more fat cells than we care to carry around and gain, like so many of us, no matter what we try to do, it just doesn’t release itself from our frame.  This has her feeling trapped, as she explains it with some intense energy “trapped in a prison.”  Equally, that is how she feels her current life is too, trapped in a place she does not want to be.

Remember always.. the creative energy of all Life has zero bias.  It is not saying well this is good or this is bad, it all IS and it creates, makes manifest in our life what we feel the strongest about in our core energy.  If we feel imprisoned, we will create more prisons for ourselves, because we are loved THAT much.

For our own sakes, we must release the remnants of old beliefs that keep is in the hellish aspect of our creative mind, and embrace every iota of our Being, fluffy or skinny… its love of ALL parts of ourselves that has spring ready to fling us forward in that love!!

On that note, I must start my day of further understandings thru you!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of nuclear fusion of bliss made manifest to ALL!!  I love you all soul soul much!!  More (((HUGZ))))  Shine on my Love’s!

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