Lisa Gawlas – A New Heart Frequency Emerges. A New Soul Song Being Sung…- 3 March 2014

lisagawlas2Houston!!  We have movement!  We are finally tip-toeing into our (perceived) future with energy and potential and I have this feeling, even all that is going to change again as we step into the spring equinox energy.  This elongated moment in time feels like the big rev up to that amazing point of accelerated time.

There is so much I want to share that came thru yesterday, but sadly, I cannot believe I woke up really late, especially since I was once again pulled into a coma type sleep at 6:30 pm.  But at least, I was gifted with a dream experience, that always makes me a happy girl!!  Let me share the dream first and then tie it all into yesterdays understandings.

I woke up at 11:30 for a potty run, when I laid back down I noticed two very bright stars in the sky in direct alignment with each other.  I didn’t have my contacts in or glasses on, so they were very blurry to my viewing eyes, which was a good thing.  The one star on the left had red in its star energy.  I had never seen a star that had red in its white/silvery shine, so I put my glasses on to see it more clearly.  Sure enough, there was red that seemed to outline this star, something I would have totally missed if not for the blurry vision first.  I stared at it for a long while until I went back into coma land.

Thats when I heard the song, a very melodic chant like song, no words that I could understand and those that were singing it were out in the sky.  I watched and felt as their chanting song picked up energy and watched my own energy field start to vibrate with its chanting.  Things, people, previous alignments being snapped out of my energy field with their song and new connections being placed in their stead.

As my own energy field was being re-sung into creation, I suddenly became a blob of red play dough like energy in the night sky.  These star singers changed their tune and now whatever they were singing was starting to roll that red play dough (which I now realize completely represents not only my human form/connection but the entirety of my inner creation too.)  With each chant they released, that red blob started spinning, rotating and spinning, creating a large disk shape with a small opening in the center.  All against a night sky.

As I was mesmerized by witnessing this and hearing songs literally from out of this world, suddenly a bird showed up 6 inches from my sleeping head.  I turned my head to look at it, OMG it was stunning and the violet from its feathers seems sooooo alive.  It looked me straight in the eyes and I was consumed with its energy.  I woke up.  What a way to wake up!!!  The closest bird I could find to the one staring me down is a violet starling:

violet starling

Only the bird that woke me up (I bet there is so much more meaning to that than just awaking from my 12 hour sleep!!) was 100% violet, no white underbelly.  Stunningly beautiful!

But the word starling takes me right back to my first reading yesterday, a beautiful man whose energy showed up with a song snippet as well as the energy of a star moving down into his core energy.  The song snippet was from the Hudson Brothers (1974) “So you are a star.”

I totally realize that my dream experience and his reading go hand in hand.  We are being reprogrammed (more or less) by our star brothers and sisters, literally singing us into our new creations on this new earth I call Eden.

A new heart frequency emerges.  A new song of life that we are very much a part of, if we let ourselves be.

Our heart and feet must dance in unison to this new song.  Our magnetic fields have been completely rewired and realigned to others who hold the similar frequency within their hearts.  If someone or something suddenly just sets you free, trust that they no longer hear the song of your heart and you will move towards the others who do.

One of the prominent understandings coming thru yesterday was the joining of two energies, what I am just going to refer to as Kundalini 2 and Shambha-lini.  However, let me be clear on what I am calling Kundalini 2.  Our original kundalini is the soul energy, our vital energy that moved us out of the illusion into the empowerment of being spirit in body.  Kundalini 2 incorporates all the soul energy, meaning the multidimensional consciousness, experiences, understandings into the original kundalini layer.  Shambha-lini is the pure energy of Heaven on earth, the merger, the two now infused as one, is what gives life to what we are about to experience.

No fancy footwork needed, just a pure, allowing heart.

I do want to close this sharing with one other connection, holy cow batman, what a connection!!  Her initial  connection showed four of her star siblings (or something like that) moving into her.  They were funny looking.  A purple guy, a lavendar-blue guy and two others that were in the east field that I could not see cuz they were overlapping on my own field (that’s where I sit to read.)  Each one bringing a bowl of some sort of liquid, what they called their elixir to pour into her core as they moved inward in her as well.  It really could have been a star trek reunion, visually speaking anywayz.

So this curious cat wanted to see what it meant to hear beyond this moment, especially since I knew she had a huge adventure coming up.  Visiting the sacred grounds in Mexico.  Well, I learned a new trick!!  I was able to pull her out of her present moment and place her outside her magnetosphere in our (perceived) future.  Holy magnetics batman!!  The moment I placed her on the ground just outside her magnetosphere (representing her outer life field of creation) it was as if every thing metal came zooming onto her body.  This could cause some serious bruising!!  lol

Now to take this into our real world for understanding, and why we need to be aware and adjust our frequency all the time…. let me give you a few examples of what was given to her:

  • People just bumping into you (more frequently than ever before) or you bumping into people or even things.  Magnetic attraction overload!
  • Also, lets say you pass a man and woman talking, flirting with each other.  As you walk by, one of them looses their interest in their flirt and become magnetically charged to you.  
  • Or, on the rougher side, lets say two people are having an argument and you walk by, they want to pull you into their argument, not because you belong there, but because your frequency is drawing them to you unconsciously.

This really amplifies “know who you are, where you are going, what is yours and what is not yours.”  Otherwise, havoc can unfold to reorient you back to where you are heading to begin with.  This really brings the saying “just say no” to a whole new light!!

As we got the nuts and bolts of life off her highly charged body, the next thing I could see was her standing on the top of one of the pyramids in Mexico.  It was at that singular moment of time, everything changed.  On the other side of her standing on this pyramid, I suddenly seen her new life blue print lay itself down on the landscape.  What her team said was a 3 year cycle to complete this phase of her new blueprint.

They had a veil covering the details of this new three-year plan, but what I could see and understand was exciting.  We (excuse me, I) think of time as running forward and backwards, future and past.  Her blueprint was spread out wide, incorporating the sides of what I call future and past.  And can we say condensed energy.  usually, if I was seeing 3 years out… it would be wayyyyyy out there in my field of vision.  If her team didn’t say this was very particularly a 3 year blueprint, I would have assumed it was all going to happen before the end of the year.  But, this is how intense and non-linear we are unfolding into now.

It is going to be interesting to navigate in this new way for sure!!

There is so much more to share, but once again, my day of readings is soon at hand.  Until tomorrow… may the stars shine from your heart to light your way forward!!

((((HUGZ))))) of magnetic love and joy to ALL!!

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